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  1. Here's a better shot of the golden gun.
  2. Those are just awesome. :D Thanks for the post and link.
  3. Any and all C-5s. A, B, and C models. Worked on all the even number tails at Travis, and now all the odd number ones at Dover. I came in the USAF in '89 and I remember lots of mod's going on at Travis. Thanks. Not much longer here thank goodness.
  4. Trash haulers? Far from it. More like troop haulers, artillery, tanks, munitions, helo's, mail, etc. Money, well... I'm making a fortune here. I'll be able to retire by the time I get home. Have you seen "Three Kings" ? That's me. :D Here I am with this golden gun, an AK-47, of Saddam's which is going to a museum after a few troops get their pictures take with it. It was a present from his sons. It's a real beauty though. I hated to part with it after getting this pic.
  5. Thanks MadJeff, got it! I'll try it out after work today. I really appreciate it.
  6. Falcon Six Two, I'm in Baghdad, Iraq, where I've been since September. Hopefully in early February I'll be home. The bad news is it's still very dangerous here, the good news is we can surf the net. :D I'm active duty Air Force and was sent here as a heavy airlift (C-5) maintenance controller. Stinger22, no questions just yet but possibly in the near future. Thanks.
  7. Capun, sure you can repost this. I'm still not back home. Have a ways to go yet but it's coming quickly. Early Feb for now. Wolfman, cool, thanks for posting the pics. :D
  8. Thanks much! Roger that, I will. :) Darn, still won't work for me. It's trying to download from Checksix again. That site is blocked here. Oh well, gonna have to wait another month until I get back to the states.
  9. The link for this plane is still working in case anyone wants this jet still. Just curious if any of you are still flying it.
  10. Can someone upload this LoMan program HERE at Biohaz? I can't get to Checksix from here in Iraq. I'd really really appreciate it.
  11. Where can I get a copy of LoMan? I can't get to checksix.fr website so I'm hoping it's somewhere else that I can get at it from Iraq. I did this tweak, the ATI cfg tweak where you put the DLL in the Lomac folder, renamed the music folder to music.old, tweaked most settings to medium, full planar shadows, low water quality, and am running at 1024x768. Before doing all of this I was getting just 8-10 fps on a P4 3.0GHz laptop. After all the tweaks (especially the DLL into the Lomac folder one) my fps is now 50-60 with dips down into the 20's! MUCH more flyable now and NO MORE stutters!! I'm very happy with this sim. It's such a blast. Thanks to everyone who found these great tweaks. :D
  12. If anyone gets this to work, please post a "how to" !! :D Certified F-14 freak.
  13. Just an added note, I've met several Ukranian military here! It's a real hoot to talk to them. It's like your in a Russian movie. All I can think of when I'm around them are all the movie's I've seen with Russian speaking people in them. It's too cool. I'll be sure to get some pics with them next time I see them. To be around these jets that you are only used to seeing in flight sims is just too cool. Here's one I took the other day of an IL-76. more at http://hawker.smugmug.com I only wish we could fight against Iraq in LOMAC. I know we are here helping them but it'd be fun to go up against Saddam's regime in this beautiful game.
  14. No doubt. :D The game is the best flight sim to date! For Civ sims I do love FS2004, but as far as combat, LOMAC gets my vote for #1.

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