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  1. ...is another day you can fly again. Cost of a F/A-18C? 22 million delivered 17 weeks from order. Cost of a pilot lost in action? 5 million delivered 3 years from recruit.
  2. Anyone have a mirror? The link is being overwhelmed right now.
  3. Guess only ED can answer than question Chaingun. Maybe it doesn't load the mod driver during boot but loads it later on? I'm using Omega's drivers too BTW. That may be a reason? But the Eagle Dynamic guys would know...
  4. I think this 'mod' is a placebo effect or it might be accidental performance increases due to things not loading/working. For those of you with FPS increases, did you have HEAT BLUR on before you applied this tweak? EVERYONE - if you're using the mod, check in the temp directory of lo-mac and open up error.log. The second line will say your ATI or NVIDIA DLL doesn't load. It reverts back to the old DX renderer as default anyways. I think the mod breaks features and turns offs others by accident ~ giving a false sense that it's increasing your FPS. Too bad because it would of been a nice tweak. :)
  5. Just wondering if anyone was working on making the other aircraft in Lo-MAC flyable?
  6. Don't feel bad Zag. I'm running an Athlon 2500+ barton, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, 1Gb memory, and lo-mac sucks donkey doo for frame rates. I get 10-12fps on takeoff. When flying it goes from 20 to 30fps (not bad, but not great either). And the campaign interface blows. Is as intuitive as a shuttle cockpit.
  7. When I update my soundcard to an Audigy 2, I'll let you guys know what I find. :)
  8. I'm finding that most of my low framerates are always related to sound. I'm running my machine with a SB Live Value PCI audio card (it's over 3 years old now). How many of you that have low frame rates are using an Audigy 2 sound card with a decent system? I'm finding that a lot of guys with high end systems using on-board sound, or older sound cards are getting low frame rates... Thoughts? My machine -------------- Athlon 2500+ Barton ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Micron 1.0Gb DDR PC 2700 memory MSI KT4V mobo FSB 333MHz SB Live Value sound card CH Products gameport HOTAS

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