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  1. F-15 Car Quals?

    I didn't take any screen shots, but I landed the SU-33 on CVN 70. I also made about 60 F-18's, F-14's, E2C's, S-3's and assigned them to land on the carrier. Note...do not make all these planes in the same part of the sky or they will collide. I did that the first time and had about 40 parachuting AI pilots filling my screen. Anyway, make yourself a Russian, choose the SU-33 then hit coilition forces and choose US. Now the Russians and Americans are on the same side and after you add in the carrier and anything else you want and you can do traps on the CVN all day long with no missiles being thrown at you. I waited and waited and waited for all the carrier planes to land so I could take screen shots. But ther is no tower control assigning flight paths for the planes. They basically ALL try to land at the same time. They will try to avoid hitting each other, but they will ALL still race each other to land on the boat. This develops into such a cluster, that it takes hours and hours for them to land. Ther is a point on the approach )short and final I guess) where if one AI planes makes it to, all the others vear off. Unfortuanately, usaully more then one reach it at the same time and they all vear off to try it again and again and again. They don't orbit the carrier in a que waiting to land. It's just approach..go around..approach..go around and repeat till they are on fumes and actually crash into the ocean. Of the 60 planes I had assigned to land on the carrier, only 14 actually landed. I assume the rest bingo'ed out of fuel and continued trying to land on the boat till they flamed out because of the lack of any tower cordination. Also of note, the AI pilots don't seem to recognize a player's plane when it's on the ground or the deck of the carrier. The AI planes always taxi right into my plane. I have seen they don't taxi into each other very often, but so far, they always taxi right into my plane on the ground. Hopefully, something will be done about this.
  2. F-15 Car Quals?

    A C-130 can actually approach at a slower speed then an F-15 and then slow down much much much faster once it's on the deck. It's amazing what reversing the pitch of the prop blades will do.. This is off the Forrestal CVA 59, it's pretty damn small compared to todays CVN's lol. And they did it in rough sea's. Granted, that aircraft only weighed 85,000 and the C-130 can weigh in at 155,000 for cargo carrying without being in war time or needing a letter authorizing it. Still, I would check my form F a few times at 155,000 :) Here is a link to a little essay about that take off and landing and at the bottem is the video , enjoy :) C-130 Lands on carrier As for an F-15 landing on a CVN in real life, I am sure I would rather eject then try it , the gov'ment can buy a new F-15 cause I am not all that sure about this reincarnation jazz. I will happily take my chances with the parachute opening and the sharks in the ocean. However, I am sure that an F-15 or nearly anyplane that can come close to slowing down in the length of a carrier deck and has a small enough wing span can do it. Landing gears breaking apart? Why? Why can't you land with the same decent rate as you do on land runways? Takes more skill I am sure, but you don't have to do your typical carrier landing. The wires across the deck don't have as much give as the Airforce ones on land runways? I think you can set it for the weight of the aircraft. Many different types of planes at far different weights land there all the time, ther has to be a way to set the pull on the cables for the variance. I realize though, that they would use a totally different weight chart for the F-15. Maybe one that even allows the F-15 to stretch the cable well past the control island. It's even a fun game to play. F-15's in LoMAC do not have folding wings. Maybe you should have been better read before claiming such things. The only plane in the whole series so far that has folding wings is the SU-33...I guess it kinda looks like an F-15 to some people. It would be the anomaly, because it would not be a simple thing to do, the whole deck needs to be used and it would not be something that is even useful, but sure, it can be done and done without destroying the airframe. The planes not made to land on the carrier can do it, but uses nearly the whole boat to do so. The planes actually made to land on the carrier, uses a small portion of the boat. Would you argue that a cessna can't land on the carrier? I mean, man, the landing gears on the cessna's are pretty fragile as well and if it landed at the decent rates the navy pilots use, no way that plane stays intack. If any non-navy planes landed at the decent rates the navy uses for carrier landings, they would at best need a hard landing inspection and at worst maybe break apart. It doesn;t even have to be on a carrier, just need to descend like you think you have the landing gears of a carrier plane. Truth of the matter is, the carrier deck is just another runway that is elevated and not very long. Adjust for the elevation and come in at a speed slow enough to stop before you go off the end, it's that simple. Sure, a rolling pitching deck will probably damage the landing gears no matter how lite you touch down, hell I have seen helicopters damage thier landing gears landing on a boat in the bearing seas. Anyway, can't wait till they put an F/A-18 in LoMAC, till then, I will have to entertain myself by occasionally landing an F-15 on the CVN :P
  3. I tried landing the Eagle on the carrier as well after the A-10 became trivial for carrier ops The Eagle was far far more difficult. Could not touch down at a speed that was low enough in order to break in time while also high enough not to stall out before the wheels hit the deck. What I eventually did was aim for my wheels to touch 10' before the deck so that I was slightly behind the deck when I flared the plane real hard. This helped knock out some more speed, but even then, it was just barely enough. I crashed many many many times, did even more touch and goes because my speed was too high and wave offs then I could count, before finally, I landed one. Perhaps someone more consistent at controlling the plane will get better results. For me, it was pure luck. I stopped, but was unable to taxi anywhere, as moving one more foot would have dropped me off the boat. I am sure a skilled line crew could have moved the eagle for me though ;) Here is the approach, hopefully my pic host will let me post what I need I was still doing the wheelie a little beyond the wires, I guess that should help me slow down, weather it did in game, I dunno. But, it makes me wonder how braking is applied in the game as I was hard on the wheel brakes first chance I got. Now, think about it. I am doing a wheelie riding only on my main wheels. I brake hard, but I still am doing a wheelie. Makes me think brakes in the game does not neccessarily work by slowing down the wheels which in turn slow down the plane, but rather, it just slows down the plane. Nit picking, I know B) I noticed my speed across the wires was 180. I have seen a pic of Sulsta ( I think is his call sign, if I am wrong, sorry :D ) on the official site and he had a trap wire speed of 177. Someone after him posted how no way you can slow to a stop at 177, well 177 on the screen is below 100 on the HUD and yes you can stop with that speed...barely. I know, cause I did it with 180. ....and I have reached my max daily allotment of screenshot uploading lol. Just refer back to the first pic for the shot of zero speed. For referance, my eagle was stripped down of weapons and carrying only 1241LBs of fuel (JP4?) , I tried to dump more off in flight but it would not let me dump beyond that point. ...or maybe I was pressing the wrong buttons. I had the boat moving at 50 and other then the headwind generated from the boat, I don't think ther was anything else unless it gets set by default. Hopefully that was enough :D

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