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  1. Kerry Wins Support Of North Korea

    Its funny that Bush-supporters only choose to mention North Korea as supporting Kerry. If the article was a little more unbiased it would tell you that there isn't a nation on the planet that would like to see Bush get re-elected (other than the US of course). This includes America's allies. Saying no one in the UK cares about who is president is not true. There is massive antipathy towards Bush over here.
  2. What's Up With The Brits??

    lol at the original post. Saddam has missiles with the range to hit us, eh? Were these the ones they found alongside the fissionable material from niger? As for the attitude that 'if we leave terrorism alone it will go away', Britain's involvement in Iraq has clearly made us more susceptible to terrorism, as the recent attack in Turkey showed. The rest of your post is so flawed Im not even going to bother. As for 'sprechen Sie Deutsch?'... lol. Guess who's speaking English right now? Thats right. You. Because of us.

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