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  1. Thx for your offer Dice - so December will be busy for you ? ( For me too btw ;) ) Grufus
  2. Just a "dimb" question: Why so much ppl want the F/A-18. In my opinion it would be much better to get a F15-E or a Harrier ( this would be really funny). Do all the canadians want the F/A-18 because they are in their AF ? Thx for answers ! Grufus
  3. Would be cool to work with ya. Where do you live ? USA ? Just asking because of the time-difference. Maybe we should meet on IRC to talk about our ideas. Do you have a preffered IRC Server ? Greetings Grufus
  4. Hi Fates its pretty okay. But my english is better then you German. But a German guy could understood it though. Btw im born in Poland but live in Germany since 15 years (im 25 now). Greetings back Grufus
  5. Hi is anyone interested in building a new and really good ;) A-10 Campaign for Lo-Mac ? I have already many ideas for the "story" and so on. At least one of you guys should speak english as mother-speach as im from Germany and i cant write in perfect english ! Dice-Man maybe you are interested in some teaming up as the "writer" or just a big think-tank ? Greetings Grufus

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