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  1. Recruits Wanted!

    The 159th Fighter Regiment (a wing of the Pursuit Group) is recruiting for pilots. Check us out at 159 Fighter Regiment Any questions or suggestions please Email me at the addy provided under the 'Chain of Command' section. Happy Flying
  2. 159th Fighter Regiment

    Hello All The 159th Fighter Regiment (A wing of the Pursuit Group) is now recruiting pilots for its SU-27 Flankers within LOMAC. All pilots are welcome wether you are fresh to the flight line or a seasoned stick pig! We ask only that you have a mature, sensible attitude towards fellow pilots and adversaries alike. The 159th is still new and in the process of organising itself, however, several things are in planning and liasion with other Sqns has begun. The aim of the 159th is to create an diverse, immersive and most importantly an enjoyable environment for its pilots both on and off-line. Feel free to e-mail the Officer Commanding (OC) of the 159th for more details: BearFoxtrot159_NO_SPAM_@_NO_SPAM_Hotmail.com (just remove the NO SPAM bits..) VERY Temp website: www.geocities.com/kitkatcollins/159thFR
  3. Well, Call me sick if you will but I find a challenge like that, er,...'fun'! I would like to help create something a little more realistic and immersive (but fun, thats the most important aspect) than just furball'ing and ground pounding.... ;) As for the hernia, well, ask me in a few months!
  4. Hello There. Myself and [PG] Raptor are currently working on forming a LOMAC Sqn. We plan on having all flyable A/C included within seperate 'wings'. Its early days yet but if you require any information please feel free to e-mail/pm me. Regards
  5. Got it now. Many Thanks. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth by those on the receiving end...
  6. Hi All I am just starting to play around with the mission creator/editor and I find myself stuck on a small problem. My AI aircraft just want to overfly the target, wave at it and bog off home again...no weapons release of any kind. The AI planes are armed with the appropiate load out, waypoint set to 'Attack Target', target selected (ie a specific building) and type of weapon (ie bomb) selected also. Where am I going wrong??
  7. Looking For Lomac Sqn

    Hi All Have my copy of LOMAC and am addicted to the SU 27 Flanker. I am looking for a LOMAC Flanker Sqn (if there are any out there..) Some history...I'm 29, have been into flight sims ever since I can remember and am in the UK. Am willing to learn/take advice/be bullied if it improves my flying! Any pointers guys? Cheers All

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