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  1. Im right with ya!! I look at it like this... This is our hobby, something we all love to do. Theres not a whole lot of Flight sims coming down the pipe like back in the day. Where new flight sims were coming out just about every other quarter. Keeping TK fed, gives us new birds and theaters. Every release seems to be a step forward too. As long as TK keeps the same customer service business model, he'll get my money. IMHO, I feel we're lucky to have at least three quality developers still making Flight sims. Thirdwire, Maddox Games, and Eagle Dynamics. All three are very solid companies and look like they'll be with us for quite some time.
  2. Thanks for the reply jtin! Your response pointed me in the right direction. The files that you need to edit are the "object.ini" files located in the IsraelME.cat. Example "HANGAR1.INI" [LOD001] Filename=hangar1.lod Distance=30000 <--- This dictates the distance this object will render to. [shadow] CastShadow=TRUE ShadowCastDist=500 MaxVisibleDistance=1500 ---------------------------- Example "AIRFIELD1.INI" [LOD001] Filename=airfield1.lod Distance=15000 <---- The max distance this .lod will be rendered. [LOD002] Filename=airfield1_lod002.lod Distance=20000 [LOD003] Filename=airfield1_lod003.lod Distance=25000 [LOD004] Filename=airfield1_lod004.lod Distance=30000 By increasing these numbers I can now see these objects at further distances. Visually improves the sim for me. It does impact frame rate, so some trial and error will need to be done to find that sweet spot for your system. Pinch
  3. I posted this over @ Thirdwire but no joy. So I'll try here. Is there a way to eliminate some of the object pop-up effect around and on the airfields? I noticed you can see the cities far off in the distance, but when looking at an airfield you can only see the taxi-way and runways until you're almost on top of them. I know this is more then likely part of the design to help performance, but would like to bump the distance out a little further if possible. thanks for your time. Bill Everything on High/Unlimited
  4. N/M! Got my answer! Wish I would have looked into this a little more before I bought WOI. Oh well. I don't mind giving my money to TK. I love this hobby and theres not a lot out there to choose from. So anyone willing to develop Flight-Sims for the PC, I'll try to support. Only 30 bucks. I'll try to get into the single player aspect of the sim. Though playing online with friends in coop, keeping formation and covering each other is where its at for me. Bill
  5. Sorry for the dbl post, dont see anywhere I can edit my first one. Hello, Question for you guys, Can you create multiplayer co-op missions with Le Missionneur or any mission builder, and if so are able to start the flight from the ground? Bill thanks
  6. Hello, Question for you guys, Can you create multiplayer co-op missions with Le Missionneur, and if so are able to start the flight from the ground? Bill
  7. Bump an old thread. I used Modman to install this mod and I get the same results. Nothing changes. =( I installed it with out Modman too. Nothing.. Anyone have an answer? lock-on ver 1.02 Thanx.. Pinch
  8. Is there a way to place trains in the ME? I find the objects in the encyclopedia but not in the ME.
  9. Thanx for your time and effort. First time I ran it, it worked just fine. Then I started Lomac, and all the textures were gone ! Then I exited Lomac, to restart Loman, only to get 'application error'. Every time I start Loman I cant choose any options. I get a 'application error'. Unistalled , removed reg entries , reinstalled , same problem. Looks like a good program too , would like to use it... Help! Thanx Pinch...

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