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  1. TA-50 (SU-57)

    Aamazing work
  2. Third Wire General Questions...

    download water maps that enables you to put ships on water
  3. i need help too for kuznetsov takeoff is vertical
  4. ok is that in cockpit.ini
  5. ok can i make one for me in style builder or in sketch up
  6. C/Users/Username/SavedGames/ThirdWire/Strike fighters 2/ModFolder Open with WinRAR or Daemon tolls lite, chose file click *extratct to*
  7. I do not know how to fix this cockpit problem on mig-19, can someone help me
  8. Can someone tell me how to find Kamov Ka-50 for strike fighters 2
  9. I have this double cockpit problem too, and i do not know how to fix it
  10. Mig-29K Pak

    why i cannot equip modern russian weapons
  11. that is not my model
  12. I can send you my su-57 by mediafire
  13. SU 34

    Dude i am looking for Ka-50 and Su-34 too and i cannot find them

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