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  1. SU-37 Flanker-F

    Do i need to create the folder 3dMod-FOR-SF2 or to download?
  2. Croatia's new jet fighter

    Stipe ja sam iz Srbije stvarno ne znam sta ce nam to,narod nema leba da nam jede a mi dajemo silne pare na avione...
  3. Su-27M T-10M (Original Su-37 Repainted)

    Hey where did u get Su-47 and Su-35?
  4. I have problem with any aircraft i choose...
  5. Hello, I have problem when i want to choose a nation it shows me only empty...Nations disappear... What should be problem?
  6. Hello...I wanted to ask how i can refuel planes in air?Is there some mod for that?
  7. Hmmm,in aircraft file lod exists..
  8. This is the problem... I done like it is written in readme file,but this happens... Do i need to update SF2 or what? Plane is Mig-25 Foxbat
  9. MiG-25 Foxbats for SF2

    Mig-21 cockpits as i recgonized...
  10. 3-rd pilot

    Thanks on information.. :)
  11. How i can remove (fix) 3-rd pilot?
  12. My computer CPU:Intel Dual Core E3400 2.60 Ghz Ram:4 GB Graphic Card:Nvidia GT 520 2 GB
  13. Im sorry on my mistake...I tried a screenshot but it only screenshot a background (its black)... So i caption this in phone camera (it is not good quality but it can show my problem)..
  14. Hello pilots,i got problem when choose Mig-25 Foxbat,Su-24 Fencer and Su-37. So when i choose plane and proceed to hangar the arrow simply block in left top corner so i cant go to roster,loadout and fly.. Somebody knows what is the problem and how i can fix it? Thanks !
  15. Thats true the 29 didnt have operating radars

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