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  1. Strutter_130 - where art thou?

    Bingo! - that was it. I dug around and found these files in the Arm Chair Redux package -- yes, there were files for both 130 and 110 -- I just missed them, but seems all good now :) Curious though - both the 130 and the 110 still go by the AircraftShortName=1½ Strutter and for Single Missions, I see no distinction between either in the list (and no indication which is which - just the single 1½ Strutter available for choosing, as well as the Sop1 A2, Sop1 B2, and Sopwith 1½ Strutter1A2 previously installed in my Mods. ???
  2. Strutter_130 - where art thou?

    Thanks for the reply. But I do not have that in my MODS folder at all. (my mods folder being ...user/SavedGames/ThirdWire/FirstEagles2/Objects/Aircraft.) I have many mod aircraft in there, including the Strutters I mentioned above, but there is no "Strutter_130" nor "Strutter_110" -- unless they are still packed in CAT file in the main game directory. I am building armchair aces redux (already have everything in place August-Dec. 1917 campaigns, but I see a call for Strutter_130 in June '17 (I am working backwards, lol) and just can't seem to find it - though I have other variants. Concerns me that it is suppose to be default as you just mentioned, yet I don't see it anywhere. -- I am thinking maybe perhaps there were some files of some sort to make it perhaps flyable that needed to be dropped in that said directory that you have for yours (???) -- in which case, I don't know where those files can be found if that is indeed the case.
  3. This is probably a silly question or likely to be obvious or something stupid on my part, but I need AircraftType=Strutter_130 for a campaign and can't seem to find it. In my mods folder I have Strutter, Strutter1A2, Sop1A2, Sop1B2 and noticed I also have a Sopwith Strutter 9400 Package (which doesn't include it). But alas, I cannot find Strutter_130 anywhere (not in the downloads as far as I can see). Thanks for any help here. :) (P.S. This is for First Eagles 2)
  4. Just an FYI that may be useful to some: Yes, I have had problems lately with Windows 10 and SF2 - I get it working, then a Nvidia driver update causes a problem with it, then another comes out and it is fine, then another and it is a no-go once again, etc. etc. For me, it will do the initializing system screen but then goes black and stays black instead of the normal menu screen (I have to then use task manager to exit the program). It hasn't at all been related to unlimited setting in my case. I have since played around with a re-install and have discovered that earlier versions work just fine for me. I have gone through the patching routine (I have a bunch of the patches stored away on a portable USB hard drive) and have discovered that it is a particular patch and onward that has introduced the win10 and video card driver difficulties (at least in my case) - It is good up to and including the Oct. 2011 patch - but November 2011 patch (and later) introduces an element that is causing the issue. From the Nov 2011 update readme: Nov 2011 -------- * Enemy air defense units sometimes not re-spawning correctly when Reflying a mission is fixed. * Some of the graphics details have been scaled down to improve peformance and eliminate stutter. * The game sometimes starting in very low resolution when running with Windows 7 Aero enabled is fixed. * Hangar screens not showing on third-party aircraft mods is fixed. * RAF Phantom F-4M (75) is no longer equipped with decoy dispensers, they receive the upgrade in 1980 as F-4M (80) instead. ------------------------------------------------ -- something in this mix is causing the problem and since I can't make it to the main menu screen, my best guess is that it is 3rd fix listed - the low resolution Win7 Aero adjustment.

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