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  1. I was thinking about learning how to make skins just to make this, now I don't need to, thanks.
  2. Yes, but it used to work well.
  3. sorry for bad video quality
  4. Screen turns into black when I click fly button, please help. VID_0079.3gp
  5. Just realized I also can't pick weapons for default aircraft.
  6. They aren't. Weapon and gun editors won't open.
  7. I just installed some add-on aircraft and weapons pack for WoE 2008 patched Steam version, but there are no weapons avaible for add-on aircraft. What should I do?
  8. There are community made multiplayer mods for some games with no offical multiplayer support. Is this possible for SF2?
  9. F-100F Super Sabre (*)

    plane is invisible, please help..
  10. Attila 1979

    ellerine sağlık.

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