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  1. Thank you Kevin and thanks to Bpao and to the Mod Mafia I've been waiting for this since your "stand-in". Doing a lot of tweaking on the skins but it's working fine. Chulaikid
  2. Just for general info. I was at Chu Lai with VMFA 314 in 1969. We had F-4B's with black radomes, white radomes, and even a couple that were a real dark blue. Underneath was a cover for APR25 antennas and these could be black or white. Even the aircraft walkways were sometimes black, sometimes gray. The issue was never conformity. It was use whatever you could get your hands on to make sure the planes flew, be it parts, paint, whatever. Conformity was stateside. The nice thing about mytai01's skins is that there is enough variation that you can cut and paste to create any skin replica you want. If anything, though, his radomes are too clean. The sand used to tear up the radome surfaces something fierce. Do a search of "VMFA 314 Chu Lai" at flickr dot com and you'll see what I mean. Chulaikid

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