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  1. Canadair CL-13 Sabre F.Mk.2

    Wasn't the Sabre 2 essentially an F-86E? So maybe that flight model should be used?
  2. What he said. It'll make a decent stand in for the RB-45 until a real one comes along. And the decals will work fine for a B-45A from 84th BS.
  3. SF2 NAA B-45A & B-45C Pack

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this. The one from the “other” place was a bit rough. Thanks much! 🙏
  4. F2H-2. The early mark used in Korea. And I’m using the V2K banshee right now. Nice bird, and it’s carrier friendly. Just feel bad the one I paid for isn’t cutting it. At least I can use its cockpit.
  5. Trying to Razbam's Banshee off of White Boy Samurai's CV14 carrier. But the landing gear doesn't work right. Front wheel breaks off and wing gear won't retract. Is there a reason or fix for this? Thanks.
  6. Upgraded to W10 over a year ago. Can’t say much changed performance-wise with SF2/FE2. YMMV.
  7. I've been playing the North Korea Invades 1950. Lots of fun, although NK birds a lot more numerous than in real life. Anyhow, problem is that the Yak-9Ps are too skillful and deadly. They make mincemeat out of F-80Cs and give F9Fs a hard time. Any way to tone this down, so they're shot down easier--like in real life?
  8. They're beautiful skins as always, but they seem to represent the F-80C after 1951. For those of us fighting 1950-early 51 Korea campaigns, the older style markings (like the upper 2), rather than the ones with the "sunrays" on the tail (lower) might be more apropos. Wondering if you or someone had those in the pipeline. Thanks.
  9. Actually, you can have other Seafires on Triumph's deck. Just go into the Seafire 47's data file and make this little redaction: CarrierBased=TRUE ;CarrierParkSpan=11.15 CarrierParkSpan=7.05 CarrierParkAnimationID=-1 By setting CarrierParkSpan from 11.15 to 7.05 your Seafire will have company on the flight deck. Do not go any lower, or you'll have Seafires parked on the wires (an obvious landing hazard!)
  10. In Emmerich's "Midway", F4F wildcats simply didn't exist.
  11. Just realized that since Jaguar squadrons went online in Europe in the late-70s, RAF Phantoms were relegated to strictly air-air roles and shouldn't be flying strikes anyhow!
  12. Thanks! That’s everything I needed to know. Flying an F-4M against a sophisticated air defense would’ve had a very high pucker factor indeed.
  13. No RAF Phantoms (e.g. sub-variants of the F-4M/FGR.2) have built in ECM. What ECM pods did they carry in real life?
  14. Just wondering what effect raising or lowering the Morale number away or towards 100 has on a campaign.
  15. Enjoying the Korean Air War campaign overall. But sometimes, when things get very busy, the framerate will slow almost to a crawl. My setup is the following (relevant info): W10 i5 2500 (non K) 8GB Ram 1TB 7200 GTX 1050ti (newish drivers, forget the number exactly, 45X I think) Sound Blaster Z Do I need a serious upgrade to cut through the slowdowns and framerate drops?

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