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  1. North American F-86K Sabre Complete

    Great skins! The 1950s KLU skins were especially needed. Thanks.
  2. The video card needs to be upgraded. At least GTX 1660
  3. Added more units from SF@ Vietnam Gold to stock Rolling thunder campaign. All airunit numbers are in order. F-104C_66 is perfectly flyable. Yet no matter what usaf aircraft or base assign to AirUnit150, it always defaults to F-4D at Udorn? How can I fix this? from CAMPAIGNV1.INI [USAFUnit053] ForceID=1 UnitID=150 AircraftType=F-104C_66 Squadron=435TFS StartDate=6/1966 DescFile=wovRTStart.txt StartText=wovRTStart2.txt From CAMPAIGNV1_DATA.INI [AirUnit150] AircraftType=F-104C_66 AlternateType=F-104C Squadron=435TFS ForceID=1 Nation=USAF StartDate=6/1966 RetireDate=6/1967 DefaultTexture=USAFCamo1 StartNumber=0 BaseArea=Udorn RTAFB BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=16 StartAircraft=9 MaxPilots=16 StartPilots=10 Experience=100 Morale=100 Supply=50 MissionChance[SWEEP]=90 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=90 MissionChance=10 MissionChance[CAS]=10 MissionChance[SEAD]=10 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=45 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=0 MissionChance[RECON]=10 UpgradeType=NEVER

  5. NATO Fighters 5 has a Venom (No 14 Squadron RAF) in the 1953 campaign. Using PauloPanz' excellent Venom. But all of the skins have the post-1953 skins with squadron bars on each side of the boom RAF roundel. Would it be possible to issue 1953 era Venom skins with no squadron bars and a letter on each side of the boom roundel? Thanks for your attention!
  6. Beautiful. But F-86s were never actually in the BAF's inventory.
  7. Someone mentioned a B-45 Tornado as a WiP some time ago.
  8. 418.xx drivers work fine even with unlimited settings.
  9. Is there a F-86H out there just waiting to be tidied up? Because if there is, that'd be nice. :)
  10. Maybe because France, like the USA, doesn't want Syria to become a Russian and Iranian/Hezbollah satellite. The USA and Israel should have established a no-fly zone over Syria long ago. "... and kill MiGs" as they said during the Korean War. 😡
  11. The F-86K skins are great as usual, just wondering if we could have a 1950s KLU version with Dutch finflash and different numbers?

    1. paulopanz


      pm a pic, please ...

    2. Slant6


      Done. And thanks for your prompt reply!

  12. F-86K For SF2 by Paulopanz

    Could we please also have 1950s era KLU markings with Finflash and different numbers?
  13. Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF.13

    We've needed these for quite some time. Many thanks!

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