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  1. Opentrack

    I have found open track to work very well. I am using a head tracking system from a guy called Grassmonkey Simulations. https://grassmonkeysimulations.com/ He 3D prints them, and they work extremely well, an they are wireless, which I really like. I never did like Trackir 5 with the 3 pronged hat clip. I know they are held in high regard, not bashing them at all, I just prefer this wireless solution (at less than half the cost). I am using a profile for IL-2 BOS, and it works just fine. He has 100% reviews on Ebay. https://www.ebay.ca/usr/grassmonkeysimulations?_trksid=p2047675.m3561.l2559 I hope I am not breaking any rules mentioning this guy.
  2. Opentrack

    Is anyone using opentrack for head tracking in game ? If so do you have suggestions on profile settings ?
  3. CTD after Exit Mission command

    Ok, I tried a couple of things. 1- installed and ran once Windows Media Player 2-set both woff and cfs3 apps compatibility settings to "run this program as an administrator" as per Polovski 3- Turned of Dynamic Lights 4- installed 1.04 patch (issue happened with 1.03 patch) Finished a mission, and was able to exit without any issues.
  4. CTD after Exit Mission command

    Thanks guys. The CTD was before I installed patch 1.04. Polovski, I sent off the required files. I will run Windows Media Player once, thanks BB. EDIT( Turns out WMP was not installed )
  5. Cntrl + Q usually ends my mission (brings up to hit enter), but this time it just Crashed to desktop. Disappointing as I had to nurse my damaged bird to a safe landing. I see this has been an issue in previous versions. There is mention of configuring Windows Media Player. I have no idea what that entails.
  6. I tried setting it up in options. I tried to change the default mouse view. Not home right now, will just try in game later. Thanks for replies..
  7. How is this accomplished ? In settings I only see mouse as view control. I click on it to change, but the game does not sense my Trackir 5. I've done some searching and have found no solution.
  8. NHL DRAFT 2010

    Well enjoy that 2nd overall pick from the Leafs. Although I do like Kessel, Seguin would have looked good in blue and white.
  9. Voice of an angel

    That's just brutal TV. She's a Hag to boot.
  10. Man tried to kill his Mother-in-Law with a anti-tank missile

    Man she must be one tough Beoch!
  11. looking for WOV squardon

    I'm another Geezer looking some WOV online action.
  12. A very sad week for me (WARNING: RANT AHEAD)

    Sadly I don't seeing things changing any time soon. As men, we look at asking for help, or expressing emotional pain as a weakness. I'm not saying its right. Sadly the story quite often ends up like this one. Men of today seem to be paying for all the unanswered abuse in the past. Now men are automatically guilty, and have to fight like hell prove themselves innoccent.
  13. A very sad week for me (WARNING: RANT AHEAD)

    Very sad, and scary at the same time. I love my kids so much, that I can understand how the pain of separation from them would be overwhelming. The fact that you found your friend in this state makes the event a traumatic one for you also. Hopefully "ranting" as you put it, helps you in someway at least. I have known more than a few separated/divorced guys who have gone the suicide route, its too sad. The women always seem to come out ahead, even if they don't deserve to.
  14. Yes I do have Hyperlobby, but it seems to be a IL2 lovefest only. I will check more often.
  15. Where to find online servers for WOE/WOV ? the in game browser brings up nothing. I tried Xfire with the same results. Does anybody play online?

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