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  1. realSKY Environment

    Yeah I tried commenting them out of the raineffect.ini but it happened to have the side effect of also disabling the fog and heavier rain effects so I noticed that "expense" as well; definitely a bummer. I'm guessing they're tied with each other somewhere but I honestly don't have the first clue to try to work that out. When I had all those effects disabled though I began to notice the cockpit drops effect acting a bit funky as well. It's fine when you're sitting still but once you start moving you notice they start flying by like bubbles which was also kinda weird for Central Europe/'Nam/whereever. They also don't mesh at all with any external camera views though that's easily ignored if you don't happen to use those at all. It's obviously another engine side effect that can't really be helped but fortunately in this case when I commented the drops effect out of the .INI it went away without lowering the quality of the rest of the storm effects so that at least is an easier fix for those who'd prefer it off if it happens to start bugging others as well.
  2. realSKY Environment

    Is there a chance to make the Lightning effects optional or is there a value in the INIs I can tweak or a file I can delete myself to disable them specifically? They're certainly nice to see but the way SF2 seems to handle the effect it makes you feel like you're flying on Jupiter with how many strikes are going on around you and its a little bit too much for my taste. Other than that, the sky sure is pretty now.

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