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  1. Corner Speed

    hey, look. this is simple fellas. dose lomac come with a corner speed indicator. i already understand whats all envolved within the turn itself. i just want to know if i jump into an american craft in lomac. am i going to have a coener speed indicator. it's that simple people. either yes, or no will do. Sean. :(
  2. morgano, that would also have been my sudjestion also. if you can't load out any harm's then use a mav at angeles 10k about 15k to 10k outside the frireing range of the unit that has targeted you. remember, mav's are your best friend up there when it comes to mud runs. Sean.
  3. Corner Speed

    the corner speed indicator is located on the left hand side of your hud where your speed reads out. what happens is when you start to reach 320 to 380 mph you will see a arrow or hash mark, depending upon the craft, that indicates your best turning radious. you want to match up to that mark when your in a tight fight so that your craft can turn on a dime. under that mark and in the turn you lose alt. above that mark and your turn radious is too large. understand? that's why i'm trying to find out if lomac has included this feature in it's new sim or not. it's a very important factor in flying in combat. Sean.
  4. question. in the demo while flying those two air craft. there was no corner speed indicator. now for all you that have the full ver. of the sim. do you have a corner speed indicator in your hud display? i have seen some screen shots of the sim, but i never see any indication of a coner speed indicator. dose this sim have that option. because most of the real fighter craft out there have them. i was just wondering since this is a russain made sim and not an american made one. that they more then likely left out that option. am i correct in my assumetion here? Sean.

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