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  1. GT:OS - Red revenge

    Same here. Ground level view w/o icons is my favorite way to play. The player’s Fog of war is increased and the AI may even surprise. When playing like a god -all AI seem inadequate. This only works if the friendly AI is developed well enough to hold up their end. From your description Operation Star does. I can’t think of many WGs that are able to pull this off. The only other game I can think of is The “Scourge of War” series of WGs. In SoW the player can choose to be locked in his saddle view or HITS (Headquarters in the Saddle). The player can only see what can be seen from horseback or visible to his own units from the map. The player’s subordinate AI commanders carry out theirs orders surprising well.
  2. i'll cast a vote for arty and recon type missions. Plenty of historic precedents from the WWI literature. Make these unique within the theatre of BH&H. A focus on stealth with the threat of combat , challenging navigation , find and discovery, etc . These type of missions have large appeal in MS Flight Simulator already and might expand the base.
  3. One of my favorite subtle features is: " (Note: vision acuity varies by skill rating and weather, clouds block view and haze shortens view distance). ". From WoFF manual. I love the view flying in the clouds, but more important to me is they can play a tactical role in this sim. - The role of clouds and sighting the enemy first is something most RL first-hand accounts mention consistently.
  4. Welcome!

    test post ...Looking forward to trying BH&H soon

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