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  1. So, as I recall hearing at some point, ARH missiles have a bit of a problem with the AI in that the AI is incapable of reacting to them because it can't detect their onboard radar (Can someone please confirm this in case I'm wrong?) I had the thought just now of a possible workaround. Essentially, why not model ARH missiles as SARH missiles, and then pair them with a 360* radar that will allow them to track targets after launch? The extra radar that highlights targets for the "ARH" missile could be attached to the aircraft as a kind of "ghost" targeting pod or something similar. I'd need someone more familiar with the game's code and how it works to tell me if this could be done or not, but I figured I'd throw the idea out there just in case this might be a possible workaround for an issue that may or may not exist, haha.
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a shot! I tried to get a ptt button on my joystick working with shoot, but it just failed horribly - 30 minutes down the drain!
  3. I'd like to know if the forums have any info on how to edit the SF2 radio chatter/voice files, and if so, where can I find it? In particular, I want to create a set of new voice files for the radio chatter that sounds better while remaining easy to understand without needing subtitles. I tried a mod that edited them once, but I couldn't understand a thing they were saying with it installed. I'd also like to know if it would be possible to add multiple voice types - such as one with a British accent, another with a Texan/southern drawl, and even an Arabic accent, and then have the game use them randomly (or, even better, assign them by nationality for AI planes and assign randomly-selected voices to specific pilots in your roster that will remain constant during a campaign). My second objective is to try and find a way to remove the ambient radio chatter that plays, but which has no direct relevance to the player. Yeah, it's atmospheric, but I'd personally like to cut out the chatter that isn't relevant to me or my squadron.
  4. I have the unlimted license for my Voice Attack install, and I'd like to try using it for my SF2 play, but since I'm a complete noob at using the program, I'm not certain about what I should do to set it up efficiently. So, does anyone who uses Voice Attack with SF2 have some advice (or even better, a tutorial) that they can give me about what the best/most efficient method of setting up VA for SF2 is? I'd also like to use it while recording a let's play series for YouTube eventually, so any tips about how to avoid accidental commands while commentating would be very helpful.
  5. I have several mod ideas I'd like to implement, and one of the big ones on my wish-list is an upgrade of the Desert v.4 terrain. It's already an awesome terrain, but I'd like to look it over and improve it with crazy insane levels of detail - my primary objective is to try and model the cities in their entirety, with actual city blocks and everything. Once that's done, I'd see about going further and adding functional lights all over, fields of scrub brush, and just general details that would go as deep as I could push things. In addition, I'd like to see about adding a new pair of target areas for a 1990 campaign I'd like to build someday. So, with m,y goals laid out, I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to edit the target areas and terrain - all I really want to do is add new structures, clutter, and foliage to begin with, and maybe switch out two airfields with the new on GKABS is building once he releases it. My question here is, can anyone direct me to relevant tools and forum articles that would help me with this, or give me a rundown of the basics here if they aren't in other posts? In particular I'd like a tutorial on how to place structures, foliage, and clutter objects in the most efficient manner, and a brief layout of the tools I need (as well as any 3rd party tools that might make things easier).
  6. Thanks for the help, guys. Do you know of any performance reviews for the Voodoo? I'm thinking I might try it out with the addition of the duper mods.
  7. Great looking work, GKABS! And yeah, I haven't had much of a chance to fly SF2 as much as I'd like, especialy now that I have some of the high-detail terrain sets. I'm working on setting myself up as a remote freelancer, and my gaming rig crashed after a power outage, so things have kept me from playing lately. But I'll get back into it all as soon as I can!
  8. F-5a

    The inclusion of a paint kit is great! Also, I'm aware of the F-5's limitations in armament, but a lot of other fighters also carry only a few sidewinders - the Sabre and Mirage III come to mind immediately for me. I'd just like to fly some air-to-air missions as well as air-to-ground in campaigns, since I plan to use this bad boy in a few of them. As an aside, how many sidewinders can the F-5A carry? I've seen both 2 and 4 listed as the max.
  9. Hey guys! My gaming computer had an accident after a power cut, and now it's all borked up. So, I figured that while I'm waiting for it to get fixed so I can play Strike Fighters again, I'd see if I could find some info about the handling and performance of several aircraft I'm interested in trying out. I've included here a short list of airplanes, and I'd like to have anyone with knowledge of them from in-game pipe up and give me some information on how they perform - particularly speed, turning, and climb/dive. Would also be nice to know if they have chaff/flare/ecm/RWR/radar/leading gunsight systems as well. So, with that said, here's the list of aircraft I'd like to know about; - Mirage IIIC/E - F-104A/C/G Starfighter - G.91R3 'Gina' - Hunter F.58(63) - F-5A/C Freedom Fighter - A-4G Skyhawk
  10. F-5a

    Hey guys, absolutely love the new F-5, and I am very much looking forward to flying it once it is released. I do have one question though, and one request. My question is, are you going to include some air-to-air missions in the plane's role? I have the F-5A from the SF2V expansion, and it only has ground-attack roles by default, so having an F-5A with at least a few A-A roles in the default setup would be awesome. And now for my request; could you guys please include a Photoshop/.psd skin template for this bird, one with the paint scheme and the panel lines on separate layers? That would make it really easy for me to make my own custom skins for this awesome aircraft, and would be a much appreciated inclusion.
  11. Thanks, that's about what I thought after counting the hangars in the images. While I'm at it, I wanted to maybe give a few suggestions for you to consider implementing in your airbase as the project progresses. Here's a list of features I would like to see added; 1. Functional runway edge and end lights that turn on in low-light and bad weather would be great, and it would be cool to have floodlights that do the same in the parking and taxi areas as well 2. A working visual approach slope indicator/landing indicator lights system for both runways 3. Revetments for 1-4 Ready-5/Quick Reaction fighters - places near the runway where fully armad and fueled fighters can be parked in wartime for immediate response to enemy air attacks 4. Arming pits - these are revetments where final weapons arming is done just prior to takeoff 5. Fuel dump and fuel tanks - the military base should probably have a fuel dump where aviation fuel is stored, with protective walls and a bit of distance between it and the other facilities for protection. The civil airport would likely have some fuel storage as well, though not as well protected. 6. Ammo dump - the military base needs a place to store the missiles, bombs and bullets for the fighters, so this would be a good detail to include 7. Early warning radar and radio tower - communications and detection of incoming attacks is pretty important for a facility like this, so these could be good things to have 8. Barracks/Living facilities for the ground crew, pilots, and other staff could be a cool addition 9. SAM/AAA emplacements - most military airbases are going to have some measure of defensive systems to help fight off air attacks, so if it's possible you could add some SAM/AAA emplacements in and around the military base and have the game's random AA wepaons spawn in those locations before doing so elsewhare 10. Lots of detail clutter scattered around both airport facilities - things like civilian aircraft parked in the civilian terminal, cars and buses in the civil airport's parking lot, external starter carts, towing vehicles, baggage trucks/trolleys, ordnance tractors, fuel trucks, fire trucks, forklifts, windsocks (poosibly with working wind-indicating direction), realistic runway signage, containers and supply piles, rotating radar dishes, lighted windows at night/during bad weather, etc. I can understand that this is alot to ask, but I feel that all of it would add up to make your airfield one of the best available. I could also see you doing two versions, with the first to be released being one with basic features so that people can use it on lower-end systems or customize it themselves, and a second version released later on that includes a lot more detail to help make the place 'come alive'. So, just out of curiosity, what do you think of my ideas? I'd like to hear your thoughts about my suggestions if you have the time.
  12. This is just such excellent work. I have a personal dream project that involves rebuilding the Desert map with insane amounts of detail, like cities modeled block by block or realistic airfield clutter. This airport model would be perfect for the main airports in the Capitols of Dhimar and Paran, since those cities would obviously have civilian airports, and the addition of an airbase using the same runways makes for an interesting place to fly in and out of. Out of curiosity, do you have an idea of how many squadrons your designing this airbase to support? I could see this being used as a major installation to support a full air wing, but it doesn't look like there are quite enough hangars for that.
  13. Yeah, that's kinda what I was afraid I'd have to do - redraw all of the panel lines. Admittedly, it's not a task that I'm incapable of, it's just horribly, horribly tedious - at least in most cases, there may be some planes where the work is easier than it is for others. But yeah, if I can't find any templates available, I'll just have to sit down, shut up, and do the entire work by myself - which looks to be the case. So, I might as well start working on it - and hey, if I do get those templates made, I'll see if I can't post them in the downloads so that other people can use them in the future. I know that I would personally prefer that every aircraft add-on include proper skin templates as part of their files by default, but alas, it seems I'll have to do it the hard way. Oh well.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I had trouble with making my own skins because the panel lines were on the same layer as the colors, and that was the biggest issue. If someone had templates in Photoshop format that have the colors and the panel lines on separate layers, I could easily use those to do the job myself. I'm using the latest G.91R mod, the F-5E mod by TMF, and I believe that the Mirage and F-5 models are stock (although I do have SF2V installed, so that may have installed a modded F-5A - but I don't know for certain. Anyone have files like that? Would make it super easy for me to do all of this by myself.

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