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  1. I've created a formalized petition to Ubisoft for more support to Eagle Dynamics for Lock On expansions, add-ons, and server support tools. If you love Lomac, then go sign it and keep the forum thread near the top!!! Thanks guys. You will find the thread here: Petition to Ubisoft for MORE Lomac
  2. Shadow Company Elite Looking For Pilots

    That would be 8am-1pm your time, Nesher. I don't care if you're overseas as long as you're willing to play with us regularly on our time. Talk to me...
  3. Hey there fellas! We're a great clan that's been around 6+ years and we have just started a Lock On division. I am the division commander and I invite any devoted pilots to come and check out our site at http://www.shadowcompanyelite.com/index.php We run Battlefield 1942, BF1942 DC, Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, America's Army, and of course, Lock On. We're just starting up and we'd love to have you join us... I will have a dedicated 32 player server up and running first thing in January. I want to focus on teamplay, regular practice nights, formation flying, and friendship. We've seen some great squadrons do virtual airshows and stunt flying in the past and I'd like to continue the tradition. The only requirements we have are: 1.) You're over 18 2.) You have a decent joystick and mic for voice coms (we use teamspeak) 3.) You have cable or adsl connection - no 56K, no exceptions 4.) You can play often - we play between 6pm-11pm PST. If you're overseas, then make sure you can join us at this time. You can sign up at the sce site or email me at marcellegros@telus.net. My MSN IM address is the same as my email. Let's go out there and give em' hell!

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