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  1. I have a standard Saitek X52 and it's a great joystick for SF2. It has a decent amount of buttons on it, but you'll definitely need to decide what functions in game you want to have immediate access to. I like it though. :)
  2. I have a couple questions about possible installation goofs and/or issues when running the game with the A&G Exp. and the 2014 Update First thing I want to bring up is that the B-52D, F, and G are not playable for me. The files to make them flyable are there, but the .INI file doesn't use any of the new files. I was able to modify the B-52D ini file once, but now it appears it's in a read only mode and I can't get changes to save. When I was able to play the B-52D there was this weird graphics goof where I had some kind of floor graphic blocking my view of the instrument panel and the overhead panels. Also when I flew missions the game crashed twice during the bombing run. Secondly I can no longer see enemy plane icons on the map during missions. Not sure if that was a conscious change or my game just derped out. My install timeline was: Exp1, 2, 3, 4, back to Exp1 for the additional stuff, VPAF add-on, then the Sept. 2014 update. Am running the games at the July 2013 patch level, so I made sure to do the post-2012 patch items.

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