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  1. Requesting Christmas gift to Dante!

    err, hmmm would it be too much if I asked a demo flight over port stanley from "Dante Claus" Happy New Year everyone!
  2. Jet Fighter Movies

    I can also recall a couple of movies "The Right Stuff" which includes much footage of the early jet age apart from its main story having to do with the original space race. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086197/ I remember another movie not very well known called "Red Flag" and its story is based in post vietnam era USA, Nellis AFB, where to old flightmates fron the vietnam war go through training facing each other. Not a good movie, but very accurate footage o f phantoms and F-5's in ACM training. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082978/
  3. what am I doing now?

    When, do you believe, can we take the harrier for a free demo flight over Port Stanley?
  4. Any news?

    Is there an estimation about the system requirements for this sim to run in an acceptable way?
  5. What Do You Want More??

    Hi there to you all, I'm new here, and this is my first post. I couldn't agree more with the latter post. Realism is what a simulator should go after, otherwise it's not a simulator, but a game. In flight simulators, I believe that the most realistic feature a developer has to go after, is the actual "feeling of flight". What do I mean by that? If you are flying with a jet, speed is a must. It should never look like you're riding a flying bicycle, especially at low level flying. I have done some actual low level flying myself and I have never seen a flight sim featuring the actual feeling one gets when flying at a low altitude. And since most of the Argentinian missions at Falklands were low level naval strikes, I believe that you should really look after low level flying feeling in your project. A second feature I would really like to see in your project, is the weather effects of the cold South Atlantic combined with Carrier Ops. This could include extra turbulence during take off and landing, a more difficult flying physics model, low visibility during rain and thunderstorms and night flights etc. Another thing that was mentioned before, is training. Training -especially at an advanced level- should work as a part of the campaign. Especially for models such as the Harrier (knowledge of the V-TOL feature is not to be taken for granted), as well as the Super Etendard (complicated weapon systems + low level approaching to its target). Advanced training could work as a number of early missions in a campaign. An option for failures and malfunctions of various sytems on a plane, would add much to the simulator's realism. Let's not forget that the brits lost more harrier due to accidents, than in actual combat time. And a failure option is something not oftenly featured in flight sims. I hope I didn't tire you too much with all this. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to flying your sim! cheers

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