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  1. I just read about this over the weekend. Somebody figured out that it was due to the sam launchers, or maybe even the sams themselves, having an out of service date before the inservice date of some of the nonstock planes. If my memory's right, I think you have to open up the data files for either the launchers or the missiles, and cahnge the dates. So, you might want to extend the sa2's service dates to 2005 or later. I'll try it myself as soon as I get home from work tonite.
  2. Let me tell you,That DRV is one badass terrain!!
  3. Number 7 looks like an old Sherman tank, with a missile rail instead of a turret.
  4. The link does not work. Looks like they pulled the file, or blocked access to it. Try posting it again.
  5. I have both Strike Fighters and Wings Over Vietnam, and see no difference between them. I think the reason that you see more sam activity in w.o.v is that the terrain itself contains more sam sites. I used to use the drv terain in sfp1 before I got a copy of w.o.v, and that terrain had even more sams and aa guns than w.o.v. It was so bad, that it used to kill my fps and make the game un-playable. Are you setting your aa defenses on hard? That can make a real difference. I spent like a whole week just reading all the sfp1 boards on sim hq, thirdwire, here, at frugals, and it helped a lot. ~NPH~

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