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File Download XvT-BoP Draconis Ship Patch

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XvT-BoP Draconis Ship Patch 1/2/2017


This ship patch was originally for old versions Win95/98 versions, the instructions herein are moddified for use with newer GoG version of XvT-Bop.


It is VITALLY important that this document be read all the way through before attempting installation of ANY of the files included herein. The files provided are "as is", as they originate circa 1997. You will be copying and pasting the various files and folders, as the original install bat file no longer works in Win7 and higher operating systems (well, at least for me).


For those that remember the "old days", this ship patch will add various and sundry ships to BOTH XvT and BoP, fighter types, crago craft and starships for use by both sides of the Galactic Cival War. See the enclosed original SPReadMe.txt for a more detailed listing.
Most, if not all, of the upcoming mission set conversions by me will =require= several of the ships in this craft patch set.


To make things even safer, it is required that you ==BACKUP== your entire original XvT game folder, with everything inside, to a safe location BEFORE INSTALLING ANY OF THESE FILES. Seriously, I really mean it! Do the safe thing!!


I've written, what I hope to be, fairly simple but detailed install instructions. Included are several images (jpgs) to help illustrate the install proceedures.


Any questions, comments, or issues, please post in them here at CombatAce, in this release announcement thread. We'll try to get any problems ironed out. But it's a fairly straight forward install proceedure.
So, PLEASE read it all the way through before attempting the install!!


Happy Flying!!


Kevin J. Stein


DSP by Draconis, circa 1997


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Hi Wrench,

Thanks for this update!

And for all the engagements.

Is there some .opt files missing though?


If they are like the originals they live in the ivfiles directory

Just noticed that they are in the unused files/sp3d folder

Thanks :)

I wasn't sure, so just included EVERYTHING. When I did the copy/paste install for my GoG version, everything worked fine (or I just got lucky!!)



REMEMBER FOLKS: most of us uploaders don't read these sections. So, please, if there's any issues, problems, comments, or information post it it the regular threads or the Release Announcment thread

thank you! :)

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