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  • A4Q Skyhawk End of mission in the continent
    A4Q Skyhawk End of mission in the continent
    Wooow !!! Nice Job !!!
  • LA-19 Yastreb
    LA-19 Yastreb
    I forgot to mention Brain32 and Centurion-1 for the cockpit , it's from Mirage F-1C80 , the only one with a front glass similar and AA capability.Yes R-27 is huge , but russians did worst no ? ;) ;...
  • LA-19 Yastreb
    LA-19 Yastreb
    Well as a attack plane sounds cool, but those R-27 are huge for such a tiny plane. Anyway the cammo is fantastic and the cockpit looks cool too.
  • SP1
    The SPAD!
  • Failed Gymnast
    Failed Gymnast

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