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  1. SF2-WT What if Campaigns

    What if Campaigns and Missions from 50's until now. Simulators: Strike Fighters 2, War Thunder
  2. SF2 Bush War

  3. IL2-SF2-WT WWII

    Historic pictures from IL2,Strike Fighters2,War Thunder
  4. A2D1 007.jpg

    It's in War Thunder.
  5. MirageVSDE 037.JPG

    All these pictures are using desert terrains from War Thunder. This is a Photoshop work i'm doing to enhance the poor landscape details of our old simulator.
  6. SF2-WT Ukraine

  7. SF2-WT Vietnam

    Images from SF2 and War Thunder
  8. 2015 Lebanon SU24 being prepared for a new misssion

    Real objects found on the net. And Photoshop work.
  9. Infortunatly no such modds, crew and objets found on the net and, Photoshop did the rest.
  10. 1962 F104B & C over W.Germany

    This is Germany Map from War Thunder. In this album I released previously the same screenshot with original SF2 Germany landscape. So you can see the difference beetween the two.
  11. 1963 H21C Loading troops and supplies W.Germany

    That's War Thunder Germany Map

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