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  1. IL2-SF2-WT WWII

    Historic pictures from IL2,Strike Fighters2,War Thunder
  2. SF2-WT What if Campaigns

    What if Campaigns and Missions from 50's until now. Simulators: Strike Fighters 2, War Thunder
  3. Infortunatly no such modds, crew and objets found on the net and, Photoshop did the rest.
  4. 1962 F104B & C over W.Germany

    This is Germany Map from War Thunder. In this album I released previously the same screenshot with original SF2 Germany landscape. So you can see the difference beetween the two.
  5. 1963 H21C Loading troops and supplies W.Germany

    That's War Thunder Germany Map
  6. Swiss 05/1940 MS406 and Me B109E3 being worked on

    No, during the war Switzerland was defending her airspace against all. Main fights occured in may 1940 when Germans violated deliberatly airspace, for escaping to french fighters, or for using an easy shortcut for their bombers targeting zones in the east of France. Later, dozens of american bombers landed or crashed on their way to and back from Germany. For example on September 4th 1944 2 Swiss Bf109e3 escorting to Dübendorf a B17 of 390BG 8AF were attacked by P51 of 503FS 339FG assuring bombers cover, one of the two Bf109 was downed, the second was damaged. Two Us pilots 2lt Ostrów, and 1st Lt Earl E.Erickson claimed this Victory.
  7. 1956 Wyvern S4 target hit.

    The similator is War Thunder and it's a pacific map.
  8. F-105B Thunderchief (Stand in)

    Very beautiful excellent. The only thing to change, is pilot and seat position which are too back in the cockpit, they need to be set more forward. This is a default of the stock airplane. The other defaults (always coming from TW model) are the windscreen wrong shape of left and right sides which is too high, and front Wheel strut which need to be rotated 180° I know how to move/change pilots and seats, but I guess the other defaults comming from stock model can't be changed easily. Anyway excellent work!
  9. USAF A-37B Pack

    The whole AC is very well done congratulations! The only thing apart from canopy problem discussed before, is the wheels dont touch the ground. Plane seems to "float" some 10 cm in the air.
  10. This is now a real old game carrying a poor basic campaign/mission editor (and I don't speak about graphics) which is his principal default. In front of the amount of work to reach the same level as IL2 (all work done by modders community!), which has almost (if I'm not wrong) the same age, what is the real value of this sim? IL2, and SF2 survives, because there is no real alternative if you're interested in historical sims. IL2 is perfect for 1914-1951 period, and SF2 for 1951-until now. For WWII for the time beiing there is no alternative appart beta Sims still Under devellopement. And for modern history DCS could be the alternative, if they offered historical maps and campaigns. Unless you always could fly with P51, FW190, and Huey over Caucasus.....

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