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  1. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    Not intending to piss on your chips... we have a fleet of Teslas (Model S & X) at work (we evaluate competitor vehicles), and have found their build quality, especially the interior to be dogshit compared to other premium OEMs out there. Walk around their cars and inspect the panel gaps straight out of the factory... completely unacceptable for the sticker price, it doesn't fill you with confidence. We tried out ludicrous mode on the dual carriageways here... the performance is truly phenomenal, considering the mass of the vehicle with four fully grown blokes in it, but the novelty of that party trick will wear off... most people are not buying a luxury sedan for obscene acceleration. Having said all that, the technology in the vehicle is excellent and Tesla do offer 400kWh of free charging. In all, it's a great car, and they're very close to making it a segment leader, but it's not there yet.
  2. If you had to buy a new automobile.

    Hopefully my day job as an automotive market analyst can finally come in useful... 1. Which bodystyle do you prefer? Sedan? Coupe? Cabriolet? SUV? Crossover? Shooting Brake? Hatchback? 2. Premium / non premium brand price point? 3. Buying outright? PCP? PCH? Lease? Bank Loan? If so, what's your monthly Total Cost of Ownership budget? 4. Powertrain / fuel type? Diesel / Petrol / Plug-in Hybrid / Mild Hybrid / Battery Electric? 5. Any specific features? Panoramic roof / Connectivity (remote start, Apple Carplay etc) / Advanced driver assistance (lane keep etc)?
  3. My 8 year old gaming rig recently went pop... could have been the GPU or PSU, decided not to frig with it... just picked up a new (second hand... new to me) gaming rig... so I'll be getting back into modelling the bases for this.
  4. F22A by BlackWasp


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