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  1. The static aircraft I've made so far are all conversions of existing models, some of them from open source models on the web, others are from here at CA... e.g. I have converted YEYEYE's Mi-24 from the Modders Repository into a static that can be placed onto a terrain - I wanted one for my MCAS Yuma and Tonopah Test Range airfields. For a lot of the airliners I have manually re-mapped them to aircraft mods here at CA to take advantage of the great skins that already exist and as the eagle-eyed @daddyairplanes spotted, this is why my static DC-9 looks like Veltro's as it shares the texture, but is in fact a far lower poly model. That would be the dream, but alas I don't think there is a way to do it with the gear animation extended etc. placed as terrain objects. The LOD can be referenced as a terrain object but they appear half sunked in the ground. Alternatively, I seem to recall it's possible to make 'engine-less' duplicate aircraft and place them as static flights in single missions, but that's a very long-winded way of just wanting to see some eye candy around airfields. I much prefer the hybrid option of terrain object method (for specific aircraft in specific locations - think 737s on the Janet ramp at Groom Lake) combined with airfield parking for generic statics placed by the sim engine.
  2. Great solution Cliff! Didn't know that was possible with two meshes with the same name, this would be a good addition to the knowledge base.
  3. This may or may not be the cause... but it looks like in the main LOD I grabbed from the link below there are two 'tacan' meshes in the model, one linked to the fuselage and another linked to the VertTail, could that be it?
  4. What Gepard said... you cannot access the .LOD files directly per se, but you can view them via Mue's excellent LOD Viewer tool, it's packed full of useful features:
  5. Yep it's a fair shout, I recall when the SF engine got updated with the ability to have individual carriers identified via decals so these statics could take advantage of that, although they would then need to be coded as ship groundobjects and I wouldn't want them showing up errantly in missions in the middle of the ocean as targets. I appreciate the thought though, in the first instance I intend to get some packs together as terrain objects that are as Wrench said "close enough for goberment work", and then I might play around with what's possible after.
  6. Not got those in my list, but if you're happy to send them over that would be great thank you! No worries on the Ka-27, I have found a low(ish) poly one online I can use, it's not perfect but it'll do the job: The list of WW2 statics that I've collated from your terrains are so far are: A5MClaude, A6M2N, A6M3, B-17F, B-17G, Beaufighter, Beaufort, Bf109E, Bf109F, Bf109G, BF110C, Blenheim1, Fw190A, Hurricane1, Hurricane2, Hurricane2C, Hurricane2D, Hurricane2_Hydro, Ju87B, Ju88, Ki201, Ki45Nick, Ki48Lily, Kittyhawk, Lancaster, Me262, P38F, P38J, P47D, P51D, Q1WLorna, Re2000, Re2001, SB17, Spitfire1, Spitfire8C, Spitfire9, SpitfireVBT, Warhawk. Here's a few other statics I've been working on: TMF F-5E and KC-135R Russo's Hawk and YEYEYE's Mi-24 from the modder's repository C-17
  7. Already got WiP packs for WW2, helis, cold war and modern aircraft. Big thanks to you Wrench for all the work on the WW2 statics, I've pulled them together from your terrains and will upload soon. Yes indeed! Caravelle and Comet are done, next on the list is a VC-10 and maybe some more Airbus types.
  8. Putting together some static aircraft terrain object packs, these can be permanently placed on airfields to complement the game generated parked aircraft. Besides the 737, 747, A300 and TMF 707, these are from freeware sources and I have re-mapped some of them to use the same textures of mods available here at CA for some skin re-usability and variety.
  9. Raider takes Flight

    Flickr album here with high resolution shots: https://www.flickr.com/photos/81789298@N05/albums/72177720312584936
  10. Need your prayers

    Keeping you and your family in thoughts and prayers GKABS. Am wishing you the very best and a positive road to recovery for your Daughter, I can't imagine how desperate she must have felt but I have no doubt that your love and strength will help her heal in the long term.
  11. View File B-1B Lancer Templates These are my Photoshop .psd templates (2048x2048) that were created to skin Dels' B-1B Lancer that can be found at Combatace. Contains lines, aircraft parts, weathering and the UV layout. Big thank you to Dels for making the B-1B. Happy skinning. Jimbib Submitter Jimbib Submitted 11/03/2023 Category Skin Templates  
  12. Uploaded, awaiting approval at the mo. EDIT: Now available to download, thank you Wrench.
  13. B-1B Lancer Templates

    Version 1.0.0


    These are my Photoshop .psd templates (2048x2048) that were created to skin Dels' B-1B Lancer that can be found at Combatace. Contains lines, aircraft parts, weathering and the UV layout. Big thank you to Dels for making the B-1B. Happy skinning. Jimbib

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