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Modified DM files from HPW and Fortiesboy 2.0

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About This File

(revised 11/4/2012)


IMHO This is the most balanced DM that I've played so far. So, now I have a harder time to take out enemies in multiplane dogfights. Mostly, I just hit and run to save my own craft from turning into swiss cheese. Dogfights are more satisfying and aces are a bit harder to destroy.


Planes can still maneuver after taking just a few hits. I believe that the reason for this is that I adjusted the probability to hit parts of the plane according to the surface area. In the stock DM, most all probabilities were set at 100%. For example, now you'll have about a 10% chance to hit the aileron instead of 100% chance. So, it's not the first thing to get hit unless you aim for that part of the plane.


Since I don't have a way to view the exact location or size of the damage boxes on each plane, I had to estimate where the damage boxes would be based on the name of the damage box in the xdp file.


Other modifications are:


-Inline engines have a 20% greater chance to get hit than rotaries


-Lower the cable hit points on all aircraft to be more or less the same


-Fuel leaks will start when the fuel tank reaches 20% of its hit points and explode when 45% or more of its hit points are gone. (vanilla is set to explode when all hit points are gone)


-Oil leaks will start when 20% of its hit points are gone and loose all its oil when 45% of it is destroyed.

(vanilla is set at 100% to destroy the oil reservoir)


This will be my final version unless I get a bug report from someone.


My contribution was only very minor, so all credits go to OBD software for their great sim,


Installation is through Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME).


I still recommend to backup the aircraft folder locted at CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\aircraft just to be on the safe side.


CREDITS - I appreciate the help from the following OFF members:

Herr Prop-Wasche







What's New in Version 2.0


  • -Decreased Probability values on all damage boxes.
  • -Modified Cable hit points on all aircrafts
  • -Decreased Threshold values on fuel tank and oil reservoir
  • -Inline engines have a bit higher chance to get hit than rotary engines

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