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HPW FM and EW Mods for Campaign and QC Battles 4.0.0

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About This File

<a name="top">Thank you for downloading my FM update! This important update changes many FM settings on most of the aircraft currently existing in OFF. The most significant include changes to the elevator, rudder, and center of gravity (CoG) and center of lift (CoL) values in order to reduce the sluggish turn performance of several aircraft in version 3.0 of the FM mod. In addition to being more tail-heavy, most aircraft should feel more nimble and will now require a more delicate touch on the controls. As a result, while you will be able to fly much closer to the edge of an aircraft's "envelope" with this FM, you also bear the increased risk of possibly stalling and spinning your aircraft if you are not careful! This update also revises the moment of inertia (MOI) values of many aircraft in order to improve the performance of AI controlled aircraft, particularly at low altitude. Although I do not have access to and have not changed any of the AI routines, it is hoped that changes to the MOI values will result in the AI being somewhat more likely to "choose" turn, rather than climb-n-stall, tactics at low altitudes.


*Note: Although the FM has been updated for all QC aircraft, the AI will have the same empty weight advantage they have in the stock OFF FM. Consider the AI in QC battles as "practice opponents" who are a little better than your average campaign AI pilot.


Zip file contents: This readme file, plus the following files:

1) HPW FM and EW Campaign Mod (version 4.0.0)

2) HPW FM and EW Sopwith Tripe 130 HP (see New Alternative Aircraft in 3.1 below).

3) HPW FM and EW Sopwith Pup 100 HP

4) HPW FM and EW Spad VII 180 HP

5) HPW FM and EW Spad XIII 220 HP

6) HPW FM and EW Spad XIII 235 HP



Important! This version of the mod is ONLY intended to be used with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed unless JSGME has already been installed in your OBDSoftware main folder!


In order to install the main campaign mod and optional airplane mods, find the "HPW FM and EW Campaign Mod 7z" zip file and click on it. When the new window opens, you should see six folders plus this readme file. Click the "Extract" button at the top of the window and copy all six folders inside your OBDSoftware\MODS folder. The files are correctly installed if you see all six folders the next time you start JSGME. After copying the folders to the MODS folder, you can either keep or move the readme file to another location on your computer.


In order to activate any of the mods, simply start JSGME, highlight the mod you wish to use, and click the top button. Click okay and the mod will become activated.

Important note: As in previous versions of the FM mod, and any other mod which modifies any of OFF's .cfg files, using this mod will result in the user not being able to see any of the ace skins, either those already included in the game or that the user has created on his own or downloaded for use with HITR. Fortunately, a workaround for this problem has been identified by Panama Red. Basically, in order to use this mod and also to see all of the ace skins available in the game, first activate the FM mod and start the game. Begin your campaign as usual, but instead of flying your mission, click on end mission as soon as you find yourself on the field. Exit to the main menu and then restart your campaign. Then, on the campaign screen, click "Replay Mission." This will take you back to the beginning of your mission but with the advantage of allowing you to see all of the fantastic skins which have been lovingly created by members of the OBD team and by many others for users of HiTR. As long as you do not quit the game entirely or switch pilots, you should not have to repeat the procedure on subsequent missions. Finally, OBD has already assured us that this problem has been eliminated in the next version of Over Flanders Fields. Huzzah!

What's New in Version 4.0.0


  • Update History
  • FM 4.0.0
  • Major update with substantial FM revisions to many aircraft.
  • Elevator values and pitch damping values modified in order to eliminate the "sluggish" turn performance of several aircraft in FM 3.0.
  • Center of gravity (CoG) and center of lift (CoL) locations adjusted to give many aircraft a more tail-heavy feel. In contrast to the original OFF FM and previous versions of my FM mod, all planes (including Albatros series) will stall and spin if not flown with care.
  • Unnecessarily high positive and negative G-force settings lowered for several aircraft, particularly two-seaters.
  • Rudder values adjusted on a few aircraft in order to improve rudder control and avoid excessive side-slipping.
  • Adjusted empty weight and parasitic drag settings of RAF Fe2b, RAF Be2c, RAF Re8, Sopwith Pup 80 HP, and Halberstadt to eliminate crashing into trees and hills at end of runway problem. Tested and FIXED.
  • Moment of Inertia (MOI) values adjusted further on every aircraft in order to improve the performance of AI controlled aircraft, particularly at low altitude.
  • Numerous other changes.
  • FM 3.1
  • Corrects the "craft invalid" error which prevented some friendly and enemy aircraft from properly loading and appearing during campaign missions. All aircraft available in HiTR should now appear in your campaign. Thank you Creaghorn for calling my attention to this problem.
  • For the campaign only, adds upgraded engine versions of the Sopwith Pup, Sopwith Tripe, Spad VII, and Spad XIII. For guidelines for when each of these engine upgrades became available, see the section titled, New Alternative Aircraft in 3.1
  • FM 3.0
  • Almost every aircraft currently existing in HITR added to FM mod. Although many FM changes are relatively minor, significant changes were made to improve the AI performance of several aircraft, particularly at low altitude.
  • File structure revised in order to comply with Lothar of the Hill People's Office program. Please install mod inside OBDSoftware/MODS folder instead of OBDSoftware/CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields/MODS folder.
  • FM 2.0
  • Additional aircraft added to FM mod.
  • Further adjustments to EW values of several planes.
  • Rudder and elevator values modified to reduce sideslip and improve control of several aircraft.
  • FM 1.0 and 1.1
  • Numerous changes from the stock OFF FM in the top speed, ceiling, dive speed, turning radius, g-force values, etc. of several OFF aircraft. See details below.

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