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Herr Prop-Wasche

HPW FM and EW Mods for Campaign and QC Battles

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HPW FM and EW Mods for Campaign and QC Battles

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<a name="top">Thank you for downloading my FM update! This important update changes many FM settings on most of the aircraft currently existing in OFF. The most significant include changes to the elevator, rudder, and center of gravity (CoG) and center of lift (CoL) values in order to reduce the sluggish turn performance of several aircraft in version 3.0 of the FM mod. In addition to being more tail-heavy, most aircraft should feel more nimble and will now require a more delicate touch on the controls. As a result, while you will be able to fly much closer to the edge of an aircraft's "envelope" with this FM, you also bear the increased risk of possibly stalling and spinning your aircraft if you are not careful! This update also revises the moment of inertia (MOI) values of many aircraft in order to improve the performance of AI controlled aircraft, particularly at low altitude. Although I do not have access to and have not changed any of the AI routines, it is hoped that changes to the MOI values will result in the AI being somewhat more likely to "choose" turn, rather than climb-n-stall, tactics at low altitudes.


*Note: Although the FM has been updated for all QC aircraft, the AI will have the same empty weight advantage they have in the stock OFF FM. Consider the AI in QC battles as "practice opponents" who are a little better than your average campaign AI pilot.


Zip file contents: This readme file, plus the following files:

1) HPW FM and EW Campaign Mod (version 4.0.0)

2) HPW FM and EW Sopwith Tripe 130 HP (see New Alternative Aircraft in 3.1 below).

3) HPW FM and EW Sopwith Pup 100 HP

4) HPW FM and EW Spad VII 180 HP

5) HPW FM and EW Spad XIII 220 HP

6) HPW FM and EW Spad XIII 235 HP



Important! This version of the mod is ONLY intended to be used with Jonesoft's Generic Mod Enabler and should not be installed unless JSGME has already been installed in your OBDSoftware main folder!


In order to install the main campaign mod and optional airplane mods, find the "HPW FM and EW Campaign Mod 7z" zip file and click on it. When the new window opens, you should see six folders plus this readme file. Click the "Extract" button at the top of the window and copy all six folders inside your OBDSoftware\MODS folder. The files are correctly installed if you see all six folders the next time you start JSGME. After copying the folders to the MODS folder, you can either keep or move the readme file to another location on your computer.


In order to activate any of the mods, simply start JSGME, highlight the mod you wish to use, and click the top button. Click okay and the mod will become activated.

Important note: As in previous versions of the FM mod, and any other mod which modifies any of OFF's .cfg files, using this mod will result in the user not being able to see any of the ace skins, either those already included in the game or that the user has created on his own or downloaded for use with HITR. Fortunately, a workaround for this problem has been identified by Panama Red. Basically, in order to use this mod and also to see all of the ace skins available in the game, first activate the FM mod and start the game. Begin your campaign as usual, but instead of flying your mission, click on end mission as soon as you find yourself on the field. Exit to the main menu and then restart your campaign. Then, on the campaign screen, click "Replay Mission." This will take you back to the beginning of your mission but with the advantage of allowing you to see all of the fantastic skins which have been lovingly created by members of the OBD team and by many others for users of HiTR. As long as you do not quit the game entirely or switch pilots, you should not have to repeat the procedure on subsequent missions. Finally, OBD has already assured us that this problem has been eliminated in the next version of Over Flanders Fields. Huzzah!


Edited by Herr Prop-Wasche

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    • By mue
      Currently I'm trying to reverse engineer the SF2 flight model.
      I stumbled over the stall tables.
      Does anyone know how the stall tables (StallLiftTable, StallDragTable and StallXacShiftTable) work?
      As an example here are the StallLiftTable and StallDragTable from the P-51D and F-4B inner wings:

      I assume the abscissa is alpha and the ordinates are factors for some lift or drag coefficients. Correct?
      What are the lift and drag coefficients? CLmax for lift and StallDrag for drag?
      But the drag table looks odd. I would have assumed that at alpha = -90 degree and +90 degree the drag factor would have its maximum.
      When are these tables used? If alpha > AlphaDepart?
    • By mue
      Question for the FM experts: What does the chord value in the wing sections of the aircraft_data.ini mean? How is it used in the FM?
    • By mue
      Maybe some of the flight model guys find this useful for creating, analyzing or checking flight models.
      Last year I had the idea for a tool that extracts the data of the debug hud and writes them into a text file:
      (from this post: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/91675-how-to-develop-test-flight-models/?do=findComment&comment=741238):
      The process steps are illustrated in the following figure:

      The tool "DebugHUDExtractor" I came up with is written in python and uses the optical character recognition (OCR) software tesseract. Thus to use the DebugHudExtractor you have to install python, some python packages and the tesseract software.
      For those who want to try this tool, here are the installation, configuration and usage instructions:
      1.) Download and install tesseract: https://digi.bib.uni-mannheim.de/tesseract/tesseract-ocr-w64-setup-v4.1.0.20190314.exe
      Copy lucidaconsole.traineddata into tessdata directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR\tessdata). Needs admin rights.
      This file contains the trained data for the lucida console font. I use this font as it gave me the best results with the character recognition. This font has to be configured for the debug hud output in the game (see. step 4 below)
      2.a) Download and install python: https://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.7.3/python-3.7.3-amd64.exe
          While installing select "Customize installation":
          -optional: change the installation directory (e.g I use C:\Python37)
          -enable "Add Python to environment variables"
      2.b) Install needed python packages.
      On the windows command line execute the following commands:
      pip install pillow pip install numpy pip install opencv-python pip install pytesseract 3.) Setting the path to the tesseract executable:
      In <Python_install_directory>\Lib\site-packages\pytesseract\pytesseract.py (line 35) set tesseract_cmd to the file path of the tesseract executable. Use double backslashes or normal slashes.
      tesseract_cmd = 'C:\\Program Files\\Tesseract-OCR\\tesseract'  
      4.) Configure the game.
      In SF2/FE2 game set Option Hud = Normal and configure the Huddata.ini.
      It enables the debug hud, set the font to lucida console, sets a bigger font size (the bigger the better, but all relevant debug info should still be displayed in the screen,e.g. for my 1920x1080 resolution I use TextSize = 24)
      ,the normal font color is changed to red (required for text filtering), the default right info box is disabled and the default left aircraft info box is moved to the right (that gives more space for the debug info box on the left)
      [Debug] DisplayDebug=true [Font] TextFontName=Lucida Console TextSize=24 [InfoDisplay] //BackgroundImage=TextBackground.tga BottomLeftPosition=0.8,1.0 //BottomRightPosition=0.99,0.985 NormalColor=1.0,0.0,0.0,1.0
      5.) Configure the python script debughudextractor.py :
      Depending on the values you want to extract from the debug hud the variables extractPitch, extractAlpha, ... have to be set to True or False,
      The leftRect and rightRect variables have to be configured depending on where the debug info box and aircraft info box is located on your screen (depending on your screen resolution and the entries in your huddate.ini)
      The format is as follows:
      leftRect = (top-left-x, top-left-y, bottom-right-x, bottom-right-y)
      The top left corner of the screen is the origin (0,0).
      E.g. with a resolution of 1920x1080 and the above huddata.ini, I use the following:
      leftRect = (56,236,1450,1080) rightRect = (1528,968,1920,1080)  
      See this picture:

      6.) Start the script from windows command line:
      python debughudextractor.py video_file_path time_step_in_s start_time_in_s end_time_in_s <video_file_name>.txt and <video_file_name>_error.txt will be written into the directory of the video file.
      <video_file_name>.txt contains the extracted data.
      <video_file_name>_error.txt contains what values at what time couldn't be recognized. If a value couldn't be recognized, then the very next video frame is used and analyzed.
    • By Spudknocker

      View File Strike Eagle FM and Loadout Enhancement Kit
      3.3- Added F-15I_Raam decals folder as it occurred to me not everyone has that specific Raam decal folder name
      3.2-Fixed an error in the F-15I Ra'am's AIrcraftdata section and updated all variant's gross weight's thanks to Fanatic Modder bringing to my attention that the wing pylons weights were added twice to the aircraft's mass. Also more refinements to the AI statements for happy wingmen!
      3.0- Best update yet! Redone AI statements for all Strike Eagle Variants, your wingmen and all AI will finally be able to drop dumb bombs on target! Also fixes AI strafing runs and the Strike Eagles will be able to strafe ground targets with accuracy! Also added some nice hanger and loading screens to the F-15SG as some extra eye Candy! Enjoy your new wingies!
      Update 2.5-Fixed CBU Attack loadout! Updated FM even more! Suggestions always welcome!
      This is a FM and loadout enhancement package first started by Crusader to kinda bring the Strike Eagle family more up to date with recent advances in SF2 modding ability! This mod changes the order of release for the CFT weapon stations and allows for more customized loadouts in the loadout menu before a mission. These changes along with a new STRIKE loadout of MK82's allows the AI to more easily hit a target. The FM changes are just updates to the FM and more realistic gross weights/Loaded weights etc and should help the AI better manage Flying the Strike Eagle and all its variants. Small updates were also made to the LANTIRN systems of all the jets. Also is an updated F-15i skin touched up by me. This pack covers the F-15 Strike Eagle variants from FastCargo's F-15 Super Pack including the
      and F-15SG
      Now we just need a new strike eagle cockpit!
      Thank you especially to Fastcargo for his F-15 pack and crusader for starting the FM mod, and anyone else who has contributed to the F-15's and everyone on CA!
      If I've messed anything up feel free to PM me and I can see what I can do to fix the issue! Happy SCUD Hunting or Iranian nuclear bunker busting!
      Submitter Spudknocker Submitted 03/08/2016 Category F-15  

      View File F-16 DATA & LOADOUT update
      I reworked the Data and loadout inis in the following versions of the F-16:
      F-16A_Blk10-EAF < NEW for v2.0
      F-16A_Blk10-IDF < NEW for v2.0
      F-16A_Netz_87 < NEW for v2.0
      F-16B_Blk15-NDC < NEW for v2.0
      F-16B_Netz_87 < NEW for v2.0
      F-16C_B40_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16C_B52+_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30 < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30_agr < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B30_gk < Now COMPLETE plane
      F-16D_B52+_egy < Now COMPLETE plane
      So the FM is finally corrected, the empty weights are now correct, as well as many minor other changes in order to make ir more realistic.
      Don't be fooled, I did A LOT of research and a lot of BETA testing. When I had no definite data, I calculated, so some data are estimations.
      For proving my point, I include a 4vs4 mission, Turkish F-16D Block 50+ (the heaviest Viper in service) against USAF aggressors.
      Why v0.9? There are some planes missing. These are TW planes, as well as israeli -A models, egyptian, jordanian, UAE, thai, indonesian & singaporian planes.
      As it turned out, these should be released in a vol.2
      I hope someone would make hi-res skins for all these nations mentioned above as well for the early -A models of the four european nations.
      Also a proper lod for the taiwanese block 20.

      Logfile changes
      - Added the fabulous F-16A ADF AMI of dtmdragon, deleted the old F-16A AMI
      - The mission now is on more even terms, both F-16s have now the same loadout.
      - Added the following planes
      - Now these planes are complete
      The Egyptian block 40 is based on the Turkish one, the block 52+ on the Polish.
      - Reworked DATA.INI for ALL planes. Mostly, but not only, reworked engine and weight data.
      - Four new missions are added. F-16 vs F-16, these missions are indeed very exciting.
      Known issues: The F-16D block 30 skins should be tweaked a bit to represent a 100% proper -D block 30 skin.
      Effects/Sounds/LODS/Skins - Dave/The Viper Team
      F110 effects only - Fast Cargo < The new, proper F110 effects possibly again by Fast Cargo. If not, please verify.
      The egyptian skin - mohand777
      The F110 engine sound, I was not able to trace. Pls PM for any feedback to give proper credit.

      A v3.0 will come up, but not anytime soon that will include the above mentioned "jordanian, UAE, thai, indonesian & singaporian planes", hopefully even more than that.
      Request: MORE Hi-rez skins!!!!
      Submitter FANATIC MODDER Submitted 03/06/2016 Category ini File Edits  

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