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XvT/BoP Imperial Mission Set "Fall of the Empire"

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About This File

XvT/BoP Imperial Mission Set "Fall of the Empire"


(works with original CD version and new GoG version)


For XvT w/Bop Addon, or GoG version -no ship patch required


These are to be used/placed into your ...Balance of Power/Combat folder.

We have 3 interrelated mission sets, now combined (sort of!) into one, providing a coherent story line.

The 3 sets are broken down as follows (from the original readme, circa 199-something!):



(This tour of duty takes place right after Enemies of the Empire in TF.)


Fall of the Empire: Part I --

Grand Admiral Thrawn, after crushing the traitorous Admiral Zaarin,

decides to transfers a division of his best pilots from his fleet

to a NL-2. Outpost NL-2 was just constructed in the remote sectors

of the Pakuuni System. Currently the only personnel aboard NL-2 are

a skeleton crew under the command of Commander Gaver.

Grand Admiral Thrawn was also given secondary orders by the Emperor

himself. As Thrawn prepares his fleet for the Unknown Regions, a

battle is raging in another part of the galaxy far, far away...


Fall of the Empire: Part II --

It is a dark time for the Empire, with the loss of the second Death Star and of Emperor Palpatine. Thousands upon thousands of worlds are rebelling against the Empire.

Word has spread fast of the Emperor's death, as well as the Alliance's victory at Endor. As seen in the Pakuuni Star Systems, strong Imperial Outposts are being lost.

Imperial Forces in the Outer Rim are being driven back to the Core Worlds. There, the Imperials are reorganizing the Empire before it crumbles to ruins...


Fall of the Empire Part III --

It has been several months since the Empire's defeat at Endor,

and already the Empire is loosing its grip on the galaxy.


Under the command of new Imperial Leader, Grand Moff Selit, the

Empire may still have a chance at regain its former glory.

However Selit's plans may have to remain on hold. Evidence has been

found showing that the Alliance has secrets of their own...



Many of these missions have additional goals, messages (which are often used as in-game hints), and various "eye candy" added. The original conversion (XvT/BoP) set required a ship patch to add some of the larger starships; it has been re-edited to use ALL stock craft.


As always, =PLEASE= read this enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions. Give the "Note" section a read too, for well, notes!


Good luck and good flying!


Kevin Stein


For the Glory of The Empire!!


original mission set, for TFCD, created by Zacchaeus Garcia.

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