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weather editor by the folks at Hitiles

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About This File

This has some really good features and htis is from Tom the developer

I finally found the time to revive the old F4Weather tool, now completely rewritten, vastly improved and adopted to Falcon 4.0: Allied Force.

WeatherAF allows you to apply predefined weather patterns to any mission in F4AF.


How to use:


* Download, unpack anywhere, start the *.exe

* Put the files in your main Falcon 4 AF folder

* Select a mission (instant.cam, any *.cam, *.tac, *.trn)

* Choose a weather pattern

* Optional: Change wind, temperature and visibility parameters

* Press [Apply] to insert this weather data into the selected mission

* Launch F4AF and enjoy your mission.



Improvements in comparison to the old F4Weather:


* Complete rewrite in C# (.NET Runtime 1.1 needed), much faster data save

* Data-based Radar and Cloud altitude preview (not .GIF-based anymore)

* Much prettier and "natural" weather patterns.

* Optimized multi-line text handlng for pattern description

* Support for visibility sliders

* Easy-to-use converter mode to make your own weather data



Just download Beta 1, 20070322 and give it a try - In the worst case, it will have backuped your edited mission files in their original folder as *.bak.


Licenced as freeware.



The "radar image" on the left shows the current weather. Black is the background, white are cumulus clouds (the new puffy clouds in F4AF), from grey to purple are increasingly thick stratus clouds (the ugly old F4 weather), precipitation starts with blue and increases; thickest clouds bring thunder and flash.

The right image contains some information about the cloud base altitude. Unfortunately, this isn't too useful right now.


To get snow, reduce the temperature to below ~5° C.


Known issues:


* Application doesn't open maximized - maximize manually to see the [Apply] button on small lscreens

* The old stratus clouds are ugly polygon mountains...

* Not yet submitted to LP for official approval

* Ugly crash when no F4 installed



Glad for any feedback.



What's New in Version   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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crashes upon running the .exe for install


the skunkworks crew for AF is looking to use this in the upcoming v1.3 build. is there a version somewhere that works?

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