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LP working on fixing 1.04

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this was posted on another forum:

Hi All,


Just to let you know we're aware of the issues with 1.0.4, including the RWR, threat volume problem, EXP mav CTD and a few other issues. We're working hard to correct these issues for 1.0.5. Expect this patch to be smaller and more tightly focusd to the problems experienced in 1.0.4 for installs whose only modification is the official HiTilesAF product and / or official patches. The timeframe for the 1.0.5 release will be shorter than usual, though of course no firm date. We'll be releasing a more fully featured 1.0.6 update early next year. So the message is sit tight and rest assured we're on the case for the major relevant issues. We want everyone to continue to enjoy the best experience of Allied Force and we're on your side. Thanks for your feedback and thoughts.

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sounds sweet played good for me. although ill admit i had some wierd CTD issues when i updated to 1.04 from 1.03 but no biggie. I still enjoy this game major overhaul, and absolutely love the attention this game has been recieving regarding updates, bug fixes in general. Must take my hat off to Lead pursuit.You guys are doing a phenomonal job. you definitely renewed my intereste in FALCOn 4.0. I hope to one day see the FALCON 5.0 come out. (wishing hard wishing hard wishing hard):clapping::victory:


hehe oh yeah this game is really hard. god definitely an eye opener completely forgot you can get ya butt handed to you real quick in this game lol

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