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I had my most memorable SF moments yesterday while flying a A4-B campaign mission. Me and 3 squad mates were assigned the hated "destroy any enemy threatening

our ground forces" close support mission. After loading my "Hot Rod" with 6-500lber's and rockets, I took-off, formed with wingies, checked for baddies then ALT-N'ed to the action. After warping to near the action, Red Crown informed me of bandits in my vicinity. After realizing the were only IL-28's, I decided to ignore them,

started on my bombing run and ordered the flight to engage ground. I pickled off all six 500's at close interval and pulled up to watch the flight do their thing. I was quite enjoying the sights and sound of the flight calling out "One, Two's in hot, Three's in hot" etc., and F6-ing

to watch them go after the enemy tanks with rocket fire. As I continued to circle the target area, all of a sudden the battlefield erupted with multiple massive erruptions. I thought "Man, what kind of ordnance is my flight carrying?" Just then off to my right three of those bombers that I had dismissed as no threat to my mission

zoomed past in a fast climb. I looked back to the tank battle below to see three more diving towards the ground fray. I was able to catch one but the damage had been done. Just when I thought I wouldn't see a "friendly offensive repulsed" debrief finally! But there's more!(Yeah,I know I'm kinda rambling on). The radio suddenly was flooded with the chatter of a intense air battle. Red Crown was giving alerts of enemy aircraft all over the place. After gathering my flight I checked for nearby enemy, placed my AC on auto and brought up the map to see where the air battle was. At about 2 o'clock and 15 miles the map showed several red and blue AC symbols in very close proximity. After I heard at least 4 "fox one" tranmissions in rapid fire succession I had to try to witness this battle firsthand. I F6'ed over until I found a Hun that was twisting and turning as if in a dogfight. Shouts of "you've got a bogie", "I'm hit", and several telltale black smoke contrails descending to earth assured me that I was witnessing one heck of a fight! Suddenly there were tracers straddling the Hun I was viewing and he erupted in a ball of flame. I quickly F6'ed to the next Hun in the battle only to see a Mig-17 trying to maneuver for a shot on him. Bam, scratch Hun #2. Now this was really getting good!. I totally forgot about my flight and their fate. I was only hoping that I wouldn't get bounced before the conclusion of this battle. Well after the second 100 went down, I found myself viewing the battle from one the Migs. And man this guy and his wingman were good! They put up one hell of a twisting, turning, cannon blasting battle against 4 100's. One of the Migs was trying to get a shot on one of the two Huns in front of him who were trying to evade but stay close to one another. Meanwhile a third Hun was closing behind the first Mig. The Migs wingman erased the pursuing 100, but was shot down shortly by cannon fire from a fourth Hun. That left one Mig against 3 100's! Suddenly, "fox one, fox two" as two missiles zoomed over then under the Migs wings as he jinked to evade them. Having avoiding the "winders" the Mig in what was amazing AI flying shot down one then another 100. Just when I was starting to root for the Mig(sn. 40)

He was destroyed by cannon fire from the remaining Hun in the battle.WHEW, what a battle!! Needless to say whenever I hear the airwaves fill with the sound of combat, I'll be wearing out that F6 key. After checking my six of course!



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dude, sounds like you had a great mission...no pics? =( i hate reading books with no pictures..lol...wut happened to friendlies you were protecting on ground, did they die? mission failed? wut went on bro? I WANT A SEQUAL!!!

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Sorry Bird, but I was too busy marveling at the action and trying to maintain a view of it I didn't think about screenies till afterward. I will be try to get that FRAP utility working in case I ever come across such a battle again. As far as the mission, Red Crown gave me a mission complete, all the squadron survived but the debrief screen read(once again!) "friendly offensive repulsed". By the way have you or anyone else ever seen any other debrief message in regard to the ground support mission? Does the friendly offensive ever succeed? Also caught a glimpse

of my first campaign SAM's. The campaign year is 1971!


Kid Galahad

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