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  1. I have been a member of CA for a real long time now, and even though I don't actively participate in these forums or modding like many of you, I do share in y'alls anger and frustration over this game. I was one of the unlucky ones to buy the original Strike Fighters, not the Gold Edition, but the very first title and I have been disappointed since. What did I expect from a company that boxed and shipped it's very first product not even completed and barely flyable? With each new title to the series that came out, I too was hoping and expecting to see improvements in flight models, damage models, graphics, avionics and everything else but I didn't feel as if those improvements were made so I never bought another game in the series since then. So if I haven't bought any other game in the series since the launch title, why am I complaining? I'm complaining because the ONLY thing that made this game enjoyable and worth all the headaches was the add-on work created by this community...by all the modders, programmers, .ini tweekers..everybody. If it wasn't for y'all taking time to do these things, not for money but out of love of aviation, this series would have died a long time ago. It's dedicated people like y'all who have kept this sim in the sky and I honestly think TK has forgotten that. I too wonder if he has ever taken the time and thanked y'all for keeping his game going for as long as it has. Given everything this community has given to the series, I think TK owes you guys at least the courtesy of an apology or a thank you. Maybe its just crazy talk, but perhaps it's time for the community as a whole to take stock of the situation and maybe even call it quits. I'm not saying to stop modding or anything like that, but no more buying sims from this man or any DLC. Hit him where it hurts.
  2. Ok yeah, something that could have been said WITHOUT THE CAPS or condescending tone.

    atencion Senores, Por favor traten de manterner este foro sin prejuicios personales o commentos degradantes. Si no tienen algo constructivo que decir sobre el proyecto Chinook o sobre aviacion en general, por favor no lo escriban aqui y dejen ese tipo de commentarios para la calle. No hay lugar para esas cosas aqui. Actuemos como adultos, no? Esta es la primera y ULTIMA advertencia. La proxima infraccion va ser causa de acciones disciplinarias. ~DirtyBirdFA
  4. Left w/ nothing intelligent to say...

    Evening, gents It's definitely been a while, but I wanted to share a quick story with you all before I return to the books. I was walking out of the library today when I ran into a student I always bump into and rather than experiencing that awkward silence as two strangers walk in the same direction, we randomly struck a conversation and started talking about classes in general. Well it turns out that this fellow I see practically everyday is a former F-15C fighter pilot for the 104th Fighter Wing based in Massachusetts. Now I love to talk and I'm usually never at a loss for words but when he said he was a fighter pilot flying F-15C's, I didn't know what to say. I guess I was star struck? I had never met a fighter pilot in real life and I guess when I see them on the big screens or portrayed elsewhere, they have this bigger-than-human persona to them. Like I wanted to say something smart and intelligent about aviation or about the eagle, but the only things I managed to say was "awesome" and "cool" and "i love jets." *slaps forehead* I don't even have that problem talking to females!! LOL. I couldn't think of anything to ask him, about what other types of planes he flew, if he flew in any combat missions, ect., NOTHING! All I could do was nod my head like a bobble head. But yeah, I know I ended up sounding like a guy with a vocabulary of just two words. Growing up I had two dreams, to be a fighter pilot or a doctor....he's doing both!!! Ok, enough procrastination. The books are calling me. Warmest Regards, DirtybirdFA

    Just finished test driving Frontlines online w/ a 360 and it was pretty fun until people started taking the game a bit too seriously. I ended my night getting threatened by someone ONLINE, which is pretty hilarious when you think about someone trying to act tough while playing a video game (and it wasn't even that...it was the demo!!). If I may quote from one of Goethe's plays, "A coward only threatens when he is safe." But back on topic, its a pretty fun game to play online, although it kind of has that "Battlefield" feel and look to it, but still enough to keep me busy for 2hrs.
  6. Red Army Choir gone redneck,

    Uhhh yeah....wow.
  7. Install trouble

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but have you looked for that file to see if it is indeed missing?
  8. You're right...climbing with this baby is loads of fun! I was ingressing toward an enemy airbase when all of a sudden a smoke trail zoomed passed the cockpit. I looked over my left shoulder and saw another SAM tracking me, so I pulled on the stick and the plane effortlessly climbed up to 35k. I successfully evaded the SAM but about 20 secs later I was smoked by another SAM I didn't even know was there. Fun stuff I tellz ya, fun stuff!
  9. I have been looking for a U-2 for the longest ! Column, you're awesome! Ugh, if only I didn't have a 12hr shift today.
  10. Some News From My Son

    A big congratulations goes out to you, sir. I'm sure he feels the same pride in you. This generation, my generation, needs more people like that. *Salute* ~DB
  11. What Did You Have For Dinner

    LOL I was going to go for the good stuff, the graham crackers, but there were too many prying eyes around. Last thing I need is the department inquiring about missing crackers and hungry patients The hospital's cafeteria is actually pretty good, if you ever actually get to use your dinner break, although they never have anything as palatable as your dish. But if you ever need any Ramen noodle receipes, let me know. I can kick it up a notch..BAM!
  12. What Did You Have For Dinner

    That's a WHOLE lot better than what I had. My dinner consisted of saltine crackers we keep for the patients in the ER. Oh, and I had some Pepsi.
  13. A upcoming South America War?

    This is an interesting situation. Correa tries to pass off as a strong guy, always holding national parades and rallies as a show of power and national unity to its citizens, but from what I hear my parents, family, and the little amount of Ecuadorian TV I watch (yeah, I'm Ecuadorian), it almost seems like the people are tired of him, tired of strikes, tired of poverty. This altercation could be what Correa was looking for to finally unite the country in one cause. Will the people call his bluff, or will they fall in? Who knows....
  14. Badfrank is 31 Today

    Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag! Happy Birthday!
  15. Wingman Permission to Engage- help

    Hooked, I personally do not know if there is a hot-key or keyboard short cut to give the go-ahead, so I usually take the long way. When a wingman asks permission to engage, hit the "tab" key which opens up communications w/ your squadron, tanker, awacs, tower, ect. Once there, kit the corresponding key for your wingman, element lead, or your entire flight. New commands should pop up, and if I remember correctly, the button 4 gives the selected plane(s) the go ahead for weapons free. I know I know, it's a bit of a walk around, but once you use it enough, you can do it w/o thinking.

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