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As you know ive been making a SF movie, and I got a problem here. I started making it and I saved it in windows movie maker and then I tried to play it in Windows media player and it was blurry? pcpilot or tim canada or anyone, is there any way to fix this? make the video more clear? like when it goes to cockpit it is reak blurry and you can't see the pipper or the gun fire.. help please? :cry: :( thanks guys :o :D

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It ays on the fraps FAQ that it has to be set to 640x480x16bit (for DirectX games) for directX games.. Could you explian alittle more please? Video screen size, how do I set that? In SF options? When I set diffrenent options in SF the video doesnt work. Could you exlpain more about what ur saying here



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