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Korean Air war mod and WoV

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You may have to do some .ini tweaking. I'm an SFP1 user, so I'm not familiar as to what these are. I do know for a fact that there are users who are using the mod with WOV.


Do some searching around.

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I've used the Korea Campaign with WOV. The only reason that I switched to SFP1 (Valuesoft version from Circuit City, patched to latest version, and only $4.95) to run it is because SFP1 has a greater number of mission types built into it that you don't get with WOV, such as Fighter Sweep, etc. The campaign does work without problems. At least I encountered none, but I didn't get that far into a campaign before I purchased and switched to SFP. Don't forget to download and install the Red Falcons add on for the Campaign which allows you to fly the Samoljot-Soldat for the Communists.

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