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IMPORTANT - Cookie Reset

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February 9th, 2007

11:45 AM CST (Zulu -5)


As of this writing everyone logged in or logging into our site will need to read and follow the information below. If you regularly clean your browser cache and cookies this may not apply to you. Following this process can in no way affect your machine, browser, or stored passwords.


WHY: We've been making changes and improvements throughout our site for the benefit of our community. With the latest round of changes we've optimized our cookies and site variables for all the new member features. This should be our last change that will and has affected your login ability to our site. At this point we ask that everyone remove their old cookies from their browsers and set a new cookie in your browser cache. To do this follow the below two step process.


EVENT NOTICE: Clicking the link below will remove our cookie from your browser cache and send you back to our forum index. Since you no longer have our cookie in your browser you should be logged out when the page displays. This tells you that the cookie removal was successful.


1. Click the link to the right --> RESET COOKIES SET BY OUR SITE - COMBATACE ONLY


2. Log back into our site and enjoy.




PLEASE NOTE: If you use different browsers on the same machine (example: firefox, internet explorer, netscape) you will need to follow the above process for each browser.



Thank you and I hope each of you enjoy the exciting new changes around here.



Take care;


Erik Thompson


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