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Plane explodes on Carrier launch

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I know this was a problem delt with in the past, and I have done some searches at Sim HQ and here, but don't seem to find an answer.


Here is the set-up. Strike Fighters Project 1. Patched to SF P1 V30.08.06. Using Edwards Korean Air War dated July 28, 2005.


Upgraded to Edward's Korean War Mod Update dated October 14,2006.


At this point ,no other modifications.


Problem: On Entering the Campaign, selecting U.S.Navy, selecting VF112, F-9F Panther.


The sim loads, then upon entering the mission there is an explosion.


Red Crown says, "Check Fire Check Fire, We have Friendly Fire in the Area"


In the past I had thought it was do to a problem of the plane materalizing inside the carrier deck.


No other Modifications done except what I have listed.


Can someone help?


I then tried to download a carrier from WOV, and followed the procedure to add a carrier...but the exact same problem happens

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Bum pee,,,,,


Come on now...I know you guys are looking...someone must have an idea of how to fix this....

Even a hint on where to find the answer would be great.......



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