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Acecombat 5

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I love this series, but i thought the dialogue in "Unsung" was REALLY cheesy...



By the way, I just want to go on the regimental record in saying that I was totally stoked when that dufus "PJ" bought the farm in Ace Combat Zero! I know he was supposed to be your wingman and all, but he is completely annoying! I tried shooting him down, I'd bolt from the furball so he'd have to deal with the wraith of the Belkans... to no avail. But when he takes that missile in the face from Pixy right at the end, I was cheering!

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Yeah, they're great games, but I agree totally: SHUT UP ON THE RADIO!!!! No tactical information is ever given by your wingmen at any time during the games; it's all personal feelings on this, that and the other thing. In AC5 I think there's two responses that actually matter, which decide the next mission, but other than that it's just damn frustrating. If I want to talk about the philosophy of war/hatred/why every wingman but Snow is a hardcore pacifist that somehow managed to become a fighter pilot, I'll do so after the mission, i.e. after I'm done getting shot at left and right trying to bomb some hardened target with five bandits on my tails, not during! (Sorry for the vent)


Otherwise, good games.

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