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Monty CZ

Something as a target

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I thought that FE space is too empty so I tried to do something with it.

If you think it is interesting for you, files will be available soon at CombatAce.


(LOOK there is something behind you!)



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Guest Charles

Great little mod, thanks Monty. They look great.

Here is a squad of German infantry marching through a town:





BTW, you can get the infantry to bunch up a bit more if you extract the file Formation.INI in your Flight folder, and edit it.

If you scroll down to the bit which reads:



Position[01].Offset=0, 0, 0

Position[02].Offset=0, -50, 0 <-- each soldier is 50 metres behind the man in front

Position[03].Offset=0, -100, 0

etc etc ..........

Position[32].Offset=0,-1600, 0


You can change this so that each soldier is closer, say 20 metres behind the one in front (-20, then -40, -60, -80 etc).

Be aware that this formation also applies to trucks, so don't make it so close that trucks are too bunched up.


Here is an infantry column of threes, at 10m spacings:




To achieve that, just edit your Formation.INI file as follows:


Position[01].Offset=0, 0, 0

Position[02].Offset=-10, 0, 0

Position[03].Offset= 10, 0, 0

Position[04].Offset=0, -10, 0

Position[05].Offset=-10, -10, 0

Position[06].Offset=10, -10, 0

Position[07].Offset=0, -20, 0

Position[08].Offset=-10, -20, 0

Position[09].Offset=10, -20, 0

Position[10].Offset=0, -30, 0

Position[11].Offset=-10, -30, 0

Position[12].Offset=10, -30, 0

Position[13].Offset=0, -40, 0

Position[14].Offset=-10, -40, 0

Position[15].Offset=10, -40, 0

Position[16].Offset=0, -50, 0

Position[17].Offset=-10, -50, 0

Position[18].Offset=10, -50, 0

Position[19].Offset=0, -60, 0

Position[20].Offset=-10, -60, 0

Position[21].Offset=10,-60, 0

Position[22].Offset=0,-70, 0

Position[23].Offset=-10,-70, 0

Position[24].Offset=10,-70, 0

Position[25].Offset=0,-80, 0

Position[26].Offset=-10,-80, 0

Position[27].Offset=10,-80, 0

Position[28].Offset=0,-90, 0

Position[29].Offset=-10,-90, 0

Position[30].Offset=10,-90, 0

Position[31].Offset=-10,-100, 0

Position[32].Offset=10,-100, 0

Edited by Charles

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