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WW2 Axis Red Range mod

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WW2 Axis Red Range mod

WW2 Axis Bombing Red Range for SF, WoV & WoE


This is a modification of several inis, and adding objects to give The Red Range a World War 2 flavor, for the Axis Powers.

This modificaton has been thoughly tested in SF and WoE, but not WoV. You shouldn't have any problems though, by making sure you 'cat file' pointer is pointed to the correct terrain cat. (see the Knowledge Base here at CA, or the newest Range readmes)


Many of these WW2 items have been borrowed from other maps, most specificlly Edwards superb PTO and EuroWW2. Others were scattered about, like the train station and factory place.

I'd like to express thanks to the Map Builders for their tireless work, hope I mentioned everyone!!!


You'll need the original Red Range installed to make this mod to, as the terrain iteself is not changed. This is an object and ini mod, not a full terrain. You'll also have a NEW movements ini; now you can perform Armed Recon missions.


PLEASE read the enclosed readme for full, detailed instructions as to how to install. Although this mod can be used in any install, it is designed with WW2 =ONLY= in mind. Most of these mods, however, can easily be added to any other Range terrain (specifically, the movements ini and the new target areas).


= NOTE: one of the 3 new objects is a Nazi flag. If you live in a country where it is illeagle to show the swastika, you can change the pointer in the targets.ini to remove or switch flags. To this end, I've provided an alternative flag. It has already been added to the types ini, so all you need to change is the targets pointer, see full instructions in the readme.


Now, no excuses... get out there and practice!! With thanks to Deuces for creating the Range and Red Range, and to Major Lee for pointing the way for the flags. and all the other terrain and object builders!


Happy Hunting!



Kevin Stein


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