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Can't get Le Prieur rockets to work...

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I can't get the Le Prieur rockets to work on either the Dolphin or the new Nieuports... They are a choice on the Loadup screen, but they do not appear in flight on the AC, nor can they be selected as a weapons choice in the cycle [ \ keystroke].


I was having the same issue with the Camel's rockets when I first uploaded it, but I managed to fix it, but now for the life of me, can't remember what I did to do that! :sorry:


When the rockets didn't work with the Dolphin, I overwrote the whole weapons folder with the folder found in the Dolphin dwnload, but that didn't help. I also followed the N11 ReadMe directions and added the extra files as well as the text to the weapons INI


Anybody have the same problem and know what to do?


EDIT: I see in the other N11 thread others have the same issue, and some have had success with the "weapons editor" and others haven't. Not being familiar with the "weapons editor" perhaps some sagely advice may be offered. Meanwhile, I will go to the knowledge base...

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I can't seem to edit my OP, oh well:


EDIT2: Well, the knowledge base was not very detailed and thus not as helpful as I would like, BUT I will try the right click thingy when I get home... Is the weapons editor built into First Eagles? I see several SF "weapons editors" in the downloads section, but they are from 2004 and I think they are only Win98 compatible...

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I had the same problem. The key seems to be to only have one weapons folder (I managed to have two somehow, one in the root and one in objects). I deleted the one in the root, and used the weaponeditor to edit the weapondata.ini that was in the weapons folder of objects. I think I also deleted a weapondata.ini that was in the objects folder - I looked at SFP1 to see what the setup was there, and there was only one weapondata.ini (I had three at one point!). After that, they showed up on the Nieuport.


I'm at work so I'm remembering what I did last night, but I'm pretty sure that was the sequenece. I also did the "drop the weaponeditor.exe in system32 folder of windows and it worked fine. I used the one from the latest weapon pack. All I did was launch the editor, click on open, select the weapondata.ini, click on merge, select the add to weapondata.ini file, click on save, and voila.

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Guest Charles


You need to have all the files in the folder ThirdWire\WWI\Objects\Weapons (and create one if it doesn't exist). Then you have to edit the file WeaponsData.INI using Notepad, and then use the WeaponsEditor.EXE file to compile that file into a new WeaponsData.DAT.


Alternatively, because the A-Team has (helpfully, and with his permission) incorporated Monty's rockets for the Nieuport 11 into its latest release, the Roland C.II Walfisch, you can simply download that and use the Weapons files which come with it.


When you have done that, you should have the following files in your ThirdWire\WWI\Objects\Weapons folder:








Le Prieur.bmp

















If all those files from the Walfisch package are there, the rockets will show up as the default load on balloon-busting missions on the Pup, Nieuport 11, Camel and Dolphin.

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I can select rockets as loudout, I can see them mounted on the plane, I can select them in flight, but my rockets have a tendancy to blow my aircraft out of the sky upon firing them. What am I missing in this situation?


thanks for any help!

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