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Monty CZ

Need help from modders

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I tried to add gunfireanimation to my cockpits but cant do it.

In FVII stock plane there is nice gunfire animations in cockpit

and there is nothing in ini about it, so how is it done?

those moving parts seems not to be from external model


another question is:

What sort of animation must be used when I want to animate separated vertices of the mesh?

(animated flag etc.)


thanx Monty

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Guest capun



The way I see TK's cockpit ini files, it seems that he links the cockpit animation to an external animation, but I am not sure if the guns are in both the virtual cockpit and in the model, I think they are but I had trouble making them work. I think I know how to do them now but I use a different method.


What I ended up doing with our models is leave out the guns out of the virtual cockpit and being sure that the guns are not linked to the external model cockpit mesh (used for he virtual pit), since the external model cockpit is hidden while in virtual cockpit mode (replaced by the virtual pit).


As for separated vertice animation, I think it can be done but I have not being able to get them to work. I think Russo and Zur use that method to do some animations that mimic reducing the scale of a mesh.

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