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No WW1 "Dogfights" re-created on show yet?

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Hi all.

Some of you may have seen some or all of the series "Dog Fights" on the History Channel [they do a VERY good job IMHO...], and have noticed that there are so far no WW1 recreations. I went to the website, and they have an email address (see below) to make requests...




If it isn't any skin off your nose (aka: if you have a moment) why not send a quicky email to them for coverage of WW1 dogfights, or if you have one you know about, all the better. T.V. people can be pretty dense (hey, my wife is an ex-producer, I can say that after meeting her co-workers... :rolleyes:), and it is likely the people making decisions and doing the research on this show don't give a rat's a_s about whether WW1 is covered or not...


Just an idea...

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I've only seen the video clips on their websites but I'm guessing that in order to conform to the show's format they needed a shot of the pilot sitting there explaining the dog fight encounter. This obviously won't happen if they did a 'WW1 episode'. Too bad, since WW1 aircombat is where [it] ALL started.


Maybe they'll stray from 'the format' and make an exception. ...let's hope so.

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they do an hour on rickenbacker


Just saw that show last night, and nope, not an hour on Rickenbacker, maybe 20 min or so, and that is it for WW1... So let's all be squeaky wheels and get some more biplanes on Dog Fights!!!

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Hi, i got "History Channel - Dogfights - The Greatest Air Battles" 1h and 30 min


1: One Spad13 (Capt. Rickenbacker) vs 4 FokkerD7 and 2 DFWC

2: P-51 vs Bf109

3: F-86 vs Mig-15

4: F-4 vs Mig-17


Someone interested?



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Hi all,

I got a response from the series producer, see below. I suggested they include more WW1 content because that's when it all started, yadda, yadda, yadda. Also asked if they could cover an old school-aged hero of mine from my years in Canada, Billy Bishop. Scored on both hits!!!


And oh, instead of recording the "marathon" on Sunday, which was just the same 4 shows repeated, I picked up all of season 1 at Amazon for $45 with free shipping... They charge $25 an episode at History Channel online...



Thanks for the kind words! We are definitely going to include more WW1 stories in the second season. Also, we hope to have a more international series to the show as it goes on.


Thanks again for your interest in the show. By the way, we're currently researching Billy Bishop right now for inclusion in the show!


Abe Scheuermann

Dogfights - Series Producer



Edited by B Bandy RFC

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