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New to Thridwire Modding/THX JG/MX_EmlD/engine failure possible?

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I just discovered WOV/WOE/FE/SFP1 and A big thanks to JG/MX_EmlD for his help get me started Modding with thridwire.

I've been working with the Late WWII German jets and was wondering if and how I could simulate the touchy Jumo and BWM engines, like rapid throtle changes causing engine fires and failures, Thanks guys

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AFAIK rapid throttle changes causing stalls/failures/fires of the engines is not supported in ThirdWire series games; being a "light sim" it doesn't have things like air-starts or stalls for engines, and the only way to set an engine on fire is to either get hit by enemy fire, or go too fast and overheat the engine for too long. The FM modders out there could get into a lot more detail on how to accurately model flight characteristics/engine response at altitudes or airspeeds; even how to make the aircraft depart controlled flight (which, I understand, is a royal pain) but unless, with the addition of First Eagles to the series, some of the less predictable aspects and unreliability of early flight such as engine issues have been added (haven't played FE yet,) I don't think you'll be able to get the engine to blow up based on throttle movement.


That said, because the TW series is so flexable, there might be a way to work around and add the function of throttle movement causing engine failure, but I don't know enough about the game-engine to say definately, and there would be no airstart to get it back on if it did stall.

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Hi jabber1975, welcome to CombatAce, nice to see you here...


Did you find already the "StrikeFightersEditingInfo" -short: SFNotes?


..it will give you an answer for many FM modeling questions..



I see you are not only WWII but WWI modder too...


Here is a forum on CombatAce, where i am from:





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