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Newcomers View of F Eagles/replacing stock tunes?

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Hello All.


Recently joined the CombatAce Forum after buying FE.


I've always been interested in WW1 Aviation, mainly through watching movies(Flyboys and Hells Angels being the latest ones I've bought).

I was surprised at the sheer volume of add-ons/mods available for this game:considering it's only been released for a few months.


Though not into modding myself, I've already installed some if the high-res scenery and aircraft...The Nieuport 11 looks great;though I'm

having trouble installing the wing rockets in the appropriate folder.


Something I did try and mod was the sound files for the 5 various game screens. I wanted to replace the stock sounds with piano tunes I

have of the French composer..Erik Satie. I tried doing a straight swop but the Satie files wouldn't play because they were WMA files(I think

they've got to be WVA files) so I'll have a shot at 'ripping' a CD of Satie music to WVA format and see if this will work.


I certainly get great fun out of playing FE; and look forward to seeing how it will fare over this year.



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Welcome to CombatACE meconicuk. You might try a Search of the Strike Fighters/WOV/WOE forums in reference to sound files as the format will work the same way for FE.

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