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Black Buck 1 (WOV) v2.10

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Black Buck 1 (WOV) v2.10

Welcome to Operation Black Buck 1 - SE Asia Style!


[update v2]

This update uses the A-Team's Vulcan B2 add-on aircraft, instead of the Victor B2 of the previous versions. I've also removed some of the static aircraft that populated Puh Cat and Cam Rahn Bay. Now you're left with Vulcan B2 and Victor K2 statics, which simplifies the installation process.


[update v2.10]

This mod has been updated on request to remove direct links to any Capun and A-team prerequisite models. Instead, please contact Capun for access - details enclosed.



First, many thanks and all credit to the A-team and their contributors for producing the Vulcan B2 and Victor K2 add-on aircraft and also for granting me permission to post the related B2 and K2 mods which this mission relies upon. If there are any problems with this mission or referenced B2 and K2 mods then please contact me directly, not the A-team. Thanks.



Some people have asked Why? or Why do this RAF mission for WOV? Well, until the Falklands add-on (courtesy of Kesslebrut et al) becomes available this is the nearest mission profile you can fly for the Vulcan or Victor aircraft that mimics the essential parts of the Black Buck missions.



Pilot your Vulcan B2 V-Bomber to rendezvous with Victor K2 tankers rotating out of Phu Cat and then on to your target of the Hong Gai generator station in the far North, a key strategic target.


[Historical Basis]

The transition and attack of the target in this mission replicates many of the aspects of the original Black Buck mission from Ascension Island to Port Stanley airfield in the Falklands in May 1982, all within the confines of the WOV playable area. See http://www.britains-smallwars.com/swbooks/Vulcan-607.html for a detailed account of that first mission. This is the nearest I could come to simulating this famous RAF mission given the geography of the maps provided with either WOE or WOV. Bascially you've got a night formation flight long distance over water to hit a target miles away from any friendly support. Oh, and then you've got to get home again. Sound familiar - read Vulcan 607.


[installation Instructions]

ReadMe files for the mission and accompanying static aircraft installation are included in the .zip file, together with appropriate copyright information.


Regards, Paul T. (comrpnt) :-)


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Nice job, I'll enjoy flying this.


Given the large number of required add-ons, would it be easier to provide them all as a complete package?


Good idea P.R., I agree. I shall upload a complete package zip file of the stuff I've done, now that all of the pieces have been approved for individual use.


Cheers, regards, Paul T. (comrpnt) :-)

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