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  1. Can't hurt... I've had too many porked installs to believe that one Anyway I'm guessing it's a file we can edit to add a lift line to the canopy? I had such a thing in the dark, distant days of Flanker 2.5
  2. Just getting back on this pony, and wondering where the loose 'CanopyGlassTemplate.tga' file should be placed. and what is it's purpose?
  3. Yes, I use a Cougar and have the Antenna Elevation axis mapped to thrust vector control
  4. Learn your callsign

    Sizzling Eagle - How most of my dogfights end
  5. How do you get your wingnuts to formate so close?
  6. Nose looks like an RF-4, & AFAIK the U.S. Navy didn't operate them??
  7. Weaponspack 3

    Oh my framerate!! Great work ravenclaw_007. You're clearly a perfectionist, so... Check the spelling in the Mk.82_AIR stenciling on the bomb itself. Not that it would lessen the effect of dropping them on any Gomer's heads, but now I can't un-see it
  8. How to properly use dumb A2G munitions

    Whether you like it or not, Yubba has put a lot of time & effort into his mods, then also taken the trouble to share his results. Using his radar edits you can emulate a radar bombing system somewhat accurately, although you still need to be accurate with your flight profile. I don't agree with putting HUD's in 1960's-70's era planes but given the lack of any controllable bombing computer function in this game then a CCIP pipper is the next best thing. If (like me) you use it realistically, i.e. keeping the pipper in the combining glass, even CCIP demands you are disciplined enough to fly a correct dive bombing profile. But after 15 years of practice I can usually get results using the principles in the SimHQ article, provided I have the luxury of time to set-up properly. Which is pretty realistic, in terms of the best results fighter jocks of the day were getting.
  9. How to properly use dumb A2G munitions

    For the Vietnam-era F-111's, low & and fast gets the job done. Try 650 KIAS, 600 ft AGL, drop when the target is in the bottom of the bombsight outer ring .
  10. How to properly use dumb A2G munitions

  11. I can check later when I'm home but I'm sure my UK box set has that extra episode too
  12. How far has VRS Tacpack come?

    Thread resurrection alert!! I'm having plenty of fun in "The Green Hell" but I can't ignore the fact that SF2's F4E doesn't do this, and I'm now really tempted. Tacpack has come a long way, there are now many great planes using it's features. There's now SA-2's that can kill you, and you can weasel them back. Sadly still no sign of any AI air combat opponents but I don't go looking for trouble at 20000ft regularly anyway, as I prefer ground-pounding. And that VRS Superbug is what Jane's F-18 could have become, so I'm probably getting that too.
  13. Dead platform.

    I am most definitely a player of older games. SF2, ArmA2 Day-Z, Battlefield2, Falcon4.0 BMS. But they all are far from dead.
  14. I find most bombsights are set too high by default. At ~500ft AGL, 450 knots & release when the target disappears under the nose with a string of bombs should get you on target. That's still one of the best mods ever for the Thud, Yubba. Cue the trolling "It's not realistic" replies...

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