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  1. Thanks guuruu, your swift response deserves swift testing. Unfortunately that version shifted the problem from right roll to left roll. Thanks to your reply above I had some idea of where to go looking for the problem. I poked around in the aircraft's DATA.INI & found the pylon mass values were identical in both file versions, left mass 100 & right mass 20. I then checked the new version's SkyShadow & BOZ-101 mass values in their DATA.INI files, & they're both the same, this would explain the left roll of the newer version but not the right roll of the original version I was using. So I set both of the pylon mass values to 100, flew with an empty loadout & it now stays straight & level. I see the gun fix made it in too, that saves me a download. I added the new sounds, they appear to work however there's still an issue with the RAF chatter file, after it's first loop, it then plays at double speed for the rest of the flight.
  2. HI, guuruu, can you help? I have constant roll to the right in this plane, even with wing leveller engaged. I've tried it clean to see if the loadout was causing it but it's still there. I'm using it in a fresh install of the DS theatre. Only autopilot keeps it level but that's not to my liking. The other planes I tried all fly straight & level.
  3. I did this some years ago by hacking the A7-E HUD into the -D. But I couldn't get rid of the default sight texture being used as the CCIP marker so I never offered it up. It's good to have other options beyond the 'TLAR' sight & a bombing table.
  4. Well that'll teach me to swing by more often... Would have qualified for the 50% discount & would have opted for it.
  5. That's great, BMS & CLOD are 2 of the sims I hardly ever play any more because of no VR support
  6. Good research. Is the yaw restricted by SF2? The rotation should be unrestricted & at 1:1 scale, but if there's nothing modelled behind the pilot, then I guess there's no point allowing it to go that far around. And how is the 3D depth effect? That Vorpx is only for Vive? I have the Rift-S.
  7. Another foray into Virtual Reality (VR)

    Had my Rift-S for a couple of months now, my first VR set. Overall I'm impressed with it & find it improves the feeling of flying in DCS & IL-2. At first I did get some motion sickness flying the DCS Gazelle but the trade-off is that I can hover it more easily as the depth perception allows you to detect the minor direction changes sooner. The Virpil HOTAS may be helping too! Unfortunately, my GTX1060 isn't quite up to running DCS in VR at much above low settings, and every few days I get to having enough of the sub-20FPS & jaggies & revert to the 49" 4K TV just to remember the 'wow-factor' of HD graphics & 60 FPS. But flying is noticeably less precise using a flat panel now. I removed the nose bridge & peer through the narrow gap to look at the keyboard, not too immersion breaking.
  8. Just look how far community-modded BMS has evolved from stock Falcon 4.0. BMS isn't a mass-market title either but they at least require you own the original game to use their mod, so it still sells steadily on Steam & GOG. With a little source code, almost anything is possible. But the default terrain isn't fantastic there either, even after 20 years of community development they still have minecraft coastlines too. Multiplayer isn't a huge thing in flight simming. ED have said the same themselves when the shit-storm blew up around the paywall for the enhanced carrier add-on. So, they say they have a few hundred thousand players who NEVER go online. I bet there's a good proportion of them using easy avionics and all the other 'arcadey' elements who would appreciate SF2 as well. 90% of my DCS flying is online though & I've never got more than a couple of missions into any single-player campaign so I'm not representative of their main fan base, and conversely I don't fly BMS online (anymore) yet I still fly SF2 fairly regularly because it's so easy to pick up & play for just an hour or so when I don't have the time for planning & flying some long-ass mission in Korera or the Persian Gulf. DCS & BMS are well represented on Youtube, Twitch & Discord. I'm sure that helps sales. The same can't be said of SF2. I subscribe to 1 SF2 Youtuber, Devin Horner, and I'm hard pressed to find any others with recent content. I think that's a good indicator of the current demand & level of interest in Strike fighters as a whole.
  9. Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition

    Still waiting, right? Me too, as I mentioned in the other TK Cash-grab crowdfunding thread.
  10. Given that I never got a reply to my support request for the missing codes required to qualify for the complete SF2 series, nothing from me. This might seem harsh but I'm nobodys fool & you only get 1 chance to let me down. I had my hundred ready to lay out but when I never even got a reply to my email, I bought a couple each of X-Plane & Orb-X add-ons instead. I'd rather pay some of the talented & dedicated SF modders since I never fly missions in a standard install, and rarely with a stock plane. My most-flown planes are the F-111A in Green Hell & the Tornado & F-15E in Desert Storm. Now that I have VR I'm flying non-VR sims very occasionally. Single-player non-VR sims even less so. War Plunder has VR and multiplayer support... Not playin, just sayin' - I detest the 'pay or grind' marketing but Gaijin seem to be doing OK out of it.
  11. Strike Fighters 2 Complete Edition

    Just to clarify - I can only get this free if I own EVERYTHING already? Or do I just need to own the base games? I have all the base games, both expansion packs, both AI plane packs and some skin packs. Can I catch a break?
  12. This thread saved me deleting 80GB worth of SF2 modded installs. Looks great in 4K
  13. Thunder FGR1

    That's probably our entire stock of Brimstone!
  14. M2K Agressor

    I know there's no Su-34 in SF2, but if we're using the strike-oriented 2-seat Mirage 2000B as an up-to-date agressor, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to paint 1 up as such.
  15. M2K Agressor

    Skin request for the 2-seater: Fullback 2000B

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