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more newbee questions lol

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Have got nearly 100mb of mods downloaded now lol. But am having some troubles finding out where to put various stuff such as aircraft missions loadouts etc. I have carried out loads of mods to cfs3 but am new to this sim!!!


I was just wondering if there is anywhere i can find a tutorial on where the different files go as not all the downloads seem to come with install instructions????


Am going to download the painting stuff have done a few for cfs3 so cant wait to get my brushes out :lol:

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Guest Ranger332

for youe Mission you first need to make a Missions file then place them in it you will start out with a few then it will gain a life of its own lol

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Guest capun


I'll start by reading the readme files first.

There is no tutorial where the files go, lots of trial and error here.

I just reply to another post with some file paths.

Briefly (assuming you are at the Strike Fighters directory) and not complete


- Campaings go to the Campaign subdir, each with their own unique name.


- Custom missions go to the missions subdir that you need to create. See Ranger's reply


- New scenery/terrain go to the Terrain subdir. Have an unique name and copy the desert.cat file from the desert terrain subdir


- New Aircraft models (LOD, bmp files0 go to the objects subdir, but the ini files and skins go to their own unique subdir in the aircraft subdir.


- New ground objects go to the objects subdir including ini files


- New weapon objects go to the objects subdir.

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