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I have all three sims, and was wondering if they can all be linked together so as to share A/C and terrain. Also, what is the state of the art patch for WOV, WOE, SF:P1?


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Do a forum search; these subjects have already been covered exhaustively.

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When you installed WOE, the program should have asked whether you wanted to copy over your terrain, campaign, and objects from your existing WOV install. As for SF:P1, if you've upgraded to the latest patch you should be able to drop the Desert terrain, objects, and campaigns into WOE without a problem.


Most of the modded campaigns like OTC and NATO Fighters are best employed as separate installs, though, since they tend to feature custom menus, objects, effects, and the like. If you want to conduct a single career with a pilot through a series of campaigns that are separate installs, you can manually move the pilot's record-file from install to install, dropping it into the Pilot folder of your current campaign.


Also, bear in mind that certain campaigns were modded for older versions of SF:P1, and require some fiddling to set-up with the latest ThirdWire standard code. Hit the KnowledgeBase for more info -- it's a gold mine! :yes:

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