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  1. CloudScape v1

  2. Ordway -- I'll add the ECM to my own MiG if I think it's warranted. I was just trying to clear up what seemed to be an inconsistency between your initial product description and the actual contents of your download package. But, at any rate, it certainly isn't any big deal to me.
  3. I wouldn't work on the MiG-23 flight models anymore. Next to the MiG-21 series, the MiG-23 series have the most obsessed-over flight models in the SF arsenal. There's always someone who doesn't think his favorite MiG flies right, and another .ini adjustment won't make a difference. Just my 2 cents.
  4. Nice work! A possible issue: if by 'ECM' you mean an onboard jammer, there's no provision for one in your cockpit package. I don't know whether that was intentional or not.
  5. Textures, specifically cloud and horizon textures, and weps edits.
  6. What audio hardware are you using? I assume you reinstalled WOV from scratch after you fixed your virus problem.
  7. I finally just gave up and used another drop tank as a substitute. No matter what I did, I couldn't get SFP1 to recognize the MiG-29 centerline tank.
  8. I test weps combinations only with a limited selection of planes: MiG-21s, MiG-23s, F-4s and F-16s. I watch how dogfights go to see if I want to change anything or not. So far as ground weps go, I hardly know good from bad. I just try to make certain the planes are completely loaded up with rockets or bombs before they head out.
  9. Well, I didn't know any of this stuff, so I'm glad Fubar posted the comparison.
  10. Plane 2 of the 'Mystery Series'. Lol.
  11. Yeah, what's the difference between your plane and the very nice one that's already available?

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